Projecta’s “legendary” IDC25 has evolved

Projecta states that its IDC25 has been a favourite DC to DC charger in Australia and New Zealand for many years, where “its market leading features and impressive reliability in demanding applications were difficult for most others to match.”
However, it says that has not stopped its team developing an even better replacement.
Projecta says a philosophy of constant improvement has led its engineers on a quest to design a new version of the IDC25, a product that could build on the credentials of its predecessor and introduce new levels of performance, resetting industry standards for DC to DC chargers along the way.
The result is the new IDC25X, which Projecta says has been engineered with the goal of “being the toughest and most reliable DC to DC charger ever made.”
Designed, developed and extensively tested in Australia for extreme conditions, the IDC25X reportedly incorporates a super-efficient design that will not de-rate in hot conditions.
Projecta states “it will perform in temperatures as high as 90° C, so is perfect for under bonnet fitment providing a full 25A of charge up to 75° where even the best competitor reduces its charge at 55° by up to half.”
Additionally, the IDC25X is fully potted with thermal epoxy resin that draws heat away from electronics to the outer housing; helping it maintain this consistent charge output of 25A.
Projecta says the units are also vibration and shock proof (to Heavy Vehicle Standards), ensuring the outback’s corrugated tracks pose no problem.
Also assisting performance and durability is its IP68 and IP69K rating, ensuring superior protection against ingress of dust, water and even high-pressure water, should owners want to thoroughly clean their engine bays.
Along with these durability features which make the IDC25X perfect for 4WD, RV, camping, boating and other applications, the units boast clever technology that delivers extremely efficient operation for users.
For greater flexibility and scope for owners to customise their battery management systems, the IDC25X’s multi-chemistry technology supports charging of AGM, GEL, WET, Calcium and Lithium batteries with pre-set charging modes.
The unit also offers Automatic Temperature Compensation, further protecting valuable batteries.
For users wanting to mount the IDC25X at a distance from the battery, the unit is equipped with ‘Voltage Drop Compensation’, which maintains correct charge voltage. Without this, users can experience a notable drop in voltage which will impact performance.
Among the IDC25X’s other features is a built-in solar controller that prioritises solar charging as default, and automatically adjusts to the alternator using Intelli-Charge if there is insufficient sunlight available, reducing power draw from the vehicle’s electrical system – no manual switching is needed.
A clever proprietary MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm also ensures maximum solar efficiency even when there is less sunlight. Compared to the earlier IDC25, the IDC25X is notably more efficient in harnessing solar power and can also accommodate solar inputs of up to 360W.
Owners can monitor the performance and functions of their IDC25X using the ‘Intellix-IQ’ smart display which is supported by a state-of-the-art App compatible with smart phones and tablets, letting them adjust battery charge profiles and even set-up future charging parameters to suit new batteries as they enter the market.
Intellix-IQ incorporates LINbus technology, allowing multiple devices (up to 15 products) to be connected to a LINbus hub which can be controlled via the Intelli-IQ display or on a smart device via Bluetooth, and have them all controlled using custom charging profiles, without the need for complicated wiring or multiple switches. LINbus also gives the IDC25X the ability to natively communicate, allowing parallel charging with multiple IDC25X units without overcharging.
To fully futureproof the IDC25X, software/firmware updates will be available via Bluetooth and will only take minutes to install. This functionality will allow owners to introduce new charging profiles for upcoming batteries, improve MPPT efficiency, and even enjoy added features like automatic Lithium Wake Up mode, a new feature that will soon be available.
Projecta says its impressive new IDC25X DC/DC charger is backed by a five-year warranty and is available nationwide from leading four-wheel-drive, caravan, camping and marine outlets for a recommended retail price of $595.00

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