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Copper is a durable metal that can dissipate heat quickly. That is the primary reason flakes of copper have been mixed with other ingredients in brake pads.
The faster the pads dissipate heat, the cooler they run and the better they resist brake fade. That improves pedal feel, stopping distance and braking safety.
Unfortunately, copper has a dark side, too. The tons and tons of microscopic brake dust particles that vehicles generate on our nation’s roads often end up in places where it causes environmental harm.
Copper-laden brake dust from freeways can wash off into lakes, rivers and reservoirs that can pollute the water and harm aquatic life.

Over several years, Bremtec Brakes says it has been working quietly in the background to reduce and eliminate copper in all their friction products.
As a result, it says it has been manufacturing high quality friction formulations to provide “the ultimate braking solutions that cover all types of driving characteristics.”
It states these characteristics represent cleaner, quieter braking, improved stopping performance and brake fade resistance and increased longevity, while all along remaining environmentally friendly.
By proactively adopting environmentally sustainable practices in its manufacturing processes, Bremtec Brakes says it drives innovation and creativity to ensure it can stay ahead of its competition.

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