Megabus teamed with new clients to demonstrate the benefits of its workshop technology integration and digital transformation services at Autocare

Megabus showcased its eighth generation cloud-based management system at Autocare 2023 in Brisbane, offering a peek into its cloud and mobile solutions.
Megabus Software explains that since 1979, it has pioneered the advancement of its Marlin Tyre and Mechanical Workshop Software, which today is trusted by thousands of workshops both domestically in Australia and globally.
At Autocare 2023, new clientele who had recently switched to Marlin Tyre and Mechanical Workshop Software joined with Megabus at the Marlin Training Stage.
Acknowledging the inevitable wave of digital transformation in the industry, together they emphasised the growing need for workshops to stay in sync with various digital formats and online portals in the upcoming years.
Megabus states it was also delighted to see many existing clients and partners visit and explore future opportunities for their businesses at Autocare 2023.
“Autocare 2023 has been a fantastic opportunity to engage with the industry in a learning environment focused on continuously improving aftermarket standards,” Megabus Chief Executive Officer, Justin Chalk said.
“This complements our mission perfectly and has been reflected by the many delegates signed on to Marlin Tyre and Mechanical Workshop Software at the show.”
The traditional face-to-face workshop experience has evolved significantly. Workshops are increasingly leveraging their online presence for initial inquiries, with phone calls to clarify any lingering questions.
Megabus explains that the convenience of accepting bookings and sending quotes via your website, text messages or offering a frictionless customer experience surpasses outdated methods.
These changes, which lead directly into your Workshop software, aren’t just a luxury anymore; they’re a necessity and a timesaver, states Megabus, which explains that customers are increasingly favouring speed and convenience over price.
Workshops are investing substantial resources into Google and Social Media platforms. Megabus explains that on Marlin, they now receive an influx of bookings and inquiries through these channels with minimal customer interaction.
Megabus states that the Marlin Tyre and Mechanical Workshop software and Megabus’ robust network of automotive suppliers and partners equip users to integrate into this emerging vehicle servicing and repairs model seamlessly, while also assisting with post-visit connections, which is critical to driving repeat business.

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