With more than 25 years of experience as a manufacturer, the Hamburg-based company says it has a lot of expert know-how in developing products with added value for the aftermarket – including and in particular for brake components.
While already offering a comprehensive portfolio for this category, MEYLE continues to expand its range, which in total now comprises almost 3,000 brake discs and pads – including 1,200 in the performance-oriented product line MEYLE-PD.
MEYLE says the trend is rising, and the main focus is more than ever on precision fit for vehicle and driver, customisation, and added values such as cleaner wheels and low braking noises.
Due to its long-term experience in the independent aftermarket, the company says its product experts and engineers are very familiar with the requirements and place their focus on intelligently designed and produced parts.
The production of high-quality designed parts follows a multi-stage re-engineering process. One of the results of it are the advanced brake parts for a safe and sporty driving experience of the MEYLE-PD product line.
MEYLE-PD brake discs and brake pads are characterised above all by optimum braking performance, durability, ease of installation and noise comfort, states MEYLE.
For an optimal driving experience, the company remarks the individual brake pad compounds are tailored to the vehicle and driver type.
When working out these individual brake pad compounds, MEYLE says noise was a particularly important factor, stating that a loud squeaking noise is often considered a distinctive feature of sporty brake pads.

MEYLE nevertheless clarifies it goes one step further and looks for ways to make components quieter again, coming up with a wide range of individualisation and optimisation of brake pads that ensure a top performance while being quiet: individual shims and chamfers, specially designed slots and mixing ration of the friction lining.
It explains that the latter not only reduces noise but also allows for less brake dust, ultimately reducing emissions. Further, it says MEYLE-PD brake pads also keep rims clean for a long time, especially compared to competitors*.
The MEYLE-PD brake discs also reportedly score with unique features such as a brilliant appearance through modern coating technology for long-lasting corrosion protection which makes degreasing superfluous.
Another highlight is the particularly high heat resistance achieved by the so-called “high-carbon” process, which increases the carbon content of the grey cast iron, the material of the brake disc.
In a comprehensive comparison test with an independent test institute, MEYLE-PD brake components were put through their paces and were able to assert themselves against the competition, explains MEYLE, which states the results saw MEYLE-PD brake pads achieve the best comparative values in almost all categories, proving the optimum combination of performance and low noise running performance.

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*Tested against IAM competitors according to internal MEYLE criteria