Michelle has been recognised for her 30 years of outstanding and dedicated service to the AAAA

At the Australian Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards Banquet, the AAAA was pleased to announce a special recognition award for one of its most dedicated and long-serving staff members, Michelle Vizzutti.
“The Board, staff and members of the AAAA were very, very fortunate that 30 years ago Michelle Vizzutti made the decision to take on a casual role helping out at the business where her sister Kellie worked,” AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity, said.
“Back then the AAAA was led by David Wright and leased office space at Monash University in Clayton. We were a pretty small affair then with the Executive Director the only full-time employee supported by part time administration and bookkeeping staff.
“Once Kellie decided to move on, Michelle took over her role, and the rest as they say is history. Michelle grew with the AAAA business, moving from part time to full time in 1998, being promoted a number of times over the years with her current role being Manger Administration and Major Events.
“Everyone that knows Michelle absolutely adores her. She is such an amazing, selfless, dedicated and giving person that genuinely cares about people. She has taken so many of our staff over the years under her wing to mentor them in work and in life and many of those relationships remain strong even after people move on. She is also loved and admired by the Board and membership and works tirelessly to ensure the AAAA ship remains on course, no matter what is being thrown our way.
“Put simply, Michelle is the heart and soul of the AAAA. I have worked alongside her for 16 years and I can say confidently that we wouldn’t have achieved what we have without her. Not only does she keep the office running efficiently, but she also is the person that works night and day for months to enable events such as this banquet, this morning’s breakfast and the entire awards program and Expo to run so seamlessly. It really is an amazing achievement.”
As part of the Award, Michelle received a travel voucher for $4,000 so she can finally take a well-deserved holiday.
“Being recognised for something like this is right out of my comfort zone,” Michelle said.
“Under Stuart’s management I have been extremely lucky to have been given great opportunities including managing the Australian pavilion at Automechanika Frankfurt.
“I am also very fortunate to be part of a hardworking and professional team past and present. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to say that they love coming to work most days.
“Seeing the AAAA evolve and what it has achieved under three CEOs I have worked with, each achieving amazing things during their tenure, has been extremely rewarding.
“The team has now grown from two when I started to an amazing team of 15 hard working professionals which also includes the AIC team.
“Putting on these events is very time consuming, and I have been absent from my family for a couple of months, so thank you to my amazing partner Bert and my beautiful daughter Danica for their support in the lead up to this. Thank you for being supportive.
“Thank you so much for this recognition, this night is all about reconnecting, so let’s enjoy the fact we can come together and celebrate this amazing industry.”

For more information, visit www.aftermarketawards.com.au