A lubricant in its own right

Morey’s HDOS is a 100 percent petroleum-based product and does not contain alloys, graghite, teflon or waxes.
Morey’s says its HDOS has been known to be called ‘The Mechanic in a bottle’ as it has always had a reputation of being a quick fix for something old and noisy or just to give something just a little more life.
It says it is true that its HDOS will do wonders for something that is very well worn.
Morey’s says a well serviced vehicle with the use of Morey’s HDOS can help with reducing some costly repairs of oil failure, bearing failure, engine failure, gearbox failure and more.
It says HDOS can increase the stability of your oil; improve the lubricity and life of your oil; prevent metal to metal contact (which helps to reduce heat); improve your oil pressure; reduce fuel consumption, sludge build up, oil contamination, condensation and toxic exhaust emissions; and help with smoother gear changing in both automatic and manual gearboxes while reducing wear.
Whether your vehicle is new or old, Morey’s says you can use its HDOS.
Morey’s explains that for new vehicles, HDOS will help with keeping your vehicle newer for a longer period of time by reducing that metal-to-metal contact, keeping your oil at its peak for longer and keeping everything clean and lubricated well by reducing the carbon and sludge build up.
Morey’s says for older vehicles, HDOS will help with rejuvenating old and worn seals, help clean up carbon build up and sludge from burnt oils, increase oil pressure, help reduce noises and prevent more damage from happening.
Morey’s HDOS will mix and blend with all petroleum based automotive oils as well as semi synthetic and full synthetic oils.

For more information, contact Morey’s by free calling 1800 637 173 or contact your nearest re-seller or your area sales representative.