Designed to protect against engine wear, carbon build-up, and high fuel costs

Hybrid vehicles run completely different to a regular vehicle, with the combustion engine in a Hybrid vehicle not running full time and in some cases, depending on the use of the vehicle, perhaps only running at a ratio of five to 10 percent compared to the electric motor, states Morey Oil.
City drives or small commutes will be able to run on electric only, which is great for the environment, although can cause issues with your combustion engine.
Once the combustion engine stops running, the oil drains back down to the sump.
Morey Oil explains this happens with regular vehicles as well, but with a Hybrid combustion engine, if this engine is not used for a while, then the top end of the motor dries out more every day.
This then creates dry starts, which can do damage to the internals like bearings, seals, O-rings and bushings, causing damage upon start up.
Morey Oil says the use of the Morey’s Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer can assist and help prevent this from happening, as the HDOS keeps everything lubricated within the engine, reducing the risk of damage.
It says HDOS can also assist with reducing emissions by having the engine run smoother and cleaner.
It states that the use of Morey’s fuel treatments (Upper Cylinder Lubricant Injection Cleaner for petrol vehicles and Diesel Smoke Killer Injection Cleaner for diesel vehicles) will assist with keeping your fuel at its optimised level as both are fuel stabilisers.
It says they will also assist with reducing fuel dry out within the fuel system to seals and O-rings, preventing damage to these items.
Morey’s UCL and DSK is a lubricator, injection cleaner and fuel stabiliser, with Morey Oil stating they help improve fuel economy in older vehicles or maintain optimal fuel economy in newer vehicles.
“For the complete treatment and protection, you can’t go past Morey’s quality lubricants,” Morey Oil National Sales Manager, Tony McGuane, said.
“Our founder, Clinton Morey, has successfully developed and marketed Oil Stabilisers since 1949. Morey’s Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer has continued, even after the passing of Clinton Morey, still with no formula change and now more than 70 years on.
“Be sure to check out our website for tech sheet information on these products and more.
“Morey Oil HDOS, UCL and DSK are safe to use in vehicles either new or old, keeping new cars newer for longer and keeping the older vehicles running. Ask for it by name!”

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