The company says it is embracing the next generation of vehicle ownership with EV servicing options

Leading Australian tyre, automotive service and repair business, mycar Tyre & Auto, says it is delighted to announce a number of EV ready stores across Australia.
“mycar is here for our customers, today and tomorrow,” mycar Managing Director, Adam Pay, said.
“The EV market in Australia is growing and we want to ensure our customers have a trusted auto expert ready to deliver quality service regardless of the vehicle they own – electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel.”
As an employer of choice and the leading employer of apprentices in Australia, mycar says it is invested in training the next generation of vehicle professionals.
“Through Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence in Victoria, we have trained a dedicated team of technicians from various locations around Australia,” Adam said.
“They are ready to service and provide support to EV owners.
“In addition to this being a convenient and easy option for EV owners, it’s also an exciting time for our team as they have the opportunity to grow and develop new skills as the EV market expands.”
mycar currently has eight sites around Australia which are EV ready, with another 22 planned by August.
To date, 35 technicians have been trained and are skilled-up, ready to support customers.
Supplementing logbook servicing, from August 2022 mycar EV servicing packages will be available across all 30 EV ready stores.
EV servicing will be complemented by all 276 mycar stores who are already able to assist EV owners with general requirements such as tyres for their vehicles, along with wipers, globes etc. 
In addition to training technicians, mycar says it is investing heavily in rolling out its EV network across Australia through enhancing store fit-outs, increasing the amount of in-store EV chargers, providing personal protective equipment and tools for technicians and ensuring all new safety requirements are met to protect both team members and customers.

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