SAE/J845 Class One – extreme high intensity amber strobe emergency minibars

LED Autolamps, designer and manufacturer of high-quality LED Automotive lighting, says it is excited to release its new LB Series high powered amber emergency mini bars.
Letting those around you know of a critical or precarious situation is essential to all breakdowns and working or responding vehicles in today’s traffic. Becoming more prevalent and certainly more required now, is intensely bright warning lights atop these vehicles.
LED Autolamps says it has answered this issue by adding to its emergency lighting range a pair of mounted amber strobe mini bars that exceed ECE R65 and SAE/J845 Class One standards for brightness and intensity.
The new LB series consist of two sizes, each with three available variations, a single bolt mount with either a clear or coloured lens, and a magnetic vacuum mount with a clear lens and 3m vehicle auxiliary power plug cable. The smallest, most compact of the series is the LB246 range measuring only 246mm x 172mm x 64mm and housing 30 x high brightness one-watt LEDs. Secondly is the medium sized LB380 range which measures 380mm x 172mm x 64mm and boasts 42 high brightness one-watt LEDs. Both feature a total of 18 flash patterns to choose from with one main flash pattern that is ECE R65 and SAE/J845 Class One compliant.

These lamps are designed to not only alert but also withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. The lens cover is manufactured with UV resistant polycarbonate, which is renowned for its strength and durability, protecting the internals from the environment and allowing a long operational LED life span of 30,000 hours. Its sleek low-profile design also assists in avoiding unwanted damage and helps with minimising roof wind resistance. They are also tested to the stringent IP65 water and dust ingress standards.
The high performing one-watt LEDs power through enhanced internal optics that amplify the light in an intense 360 ° omnidirectional output. They also have a very low operational current draw of 1.6 Amps and 2.5 Amps at 13.8 Volts respectively, which is important to consider when running them from the vehicles battery electrical system.
An operational temperature range of -40 ° to + 60 ° makes them suitable for many high traffic working environments and will ensure total awareness of your intentions and assist to enhance workplace safety. These lamps also have a very usable voltage range of 10-30 Volts.
The new lamps are supported by an LED Autolamps five-year peace of mind warranty and supplied in a colour retail box with comprehensive fitting instructions. Available to order now.

For further information, visit for your local distributor or call 03 9466 7075.