The latest release from LED Autolamps features a distinctive new design

LED Autolamps says it is proud to release its latest range of boat trailer lamps, created with a new design, look and appeal.
LED Autolamps, a brand name known and trusted for over 19 years, says this new benchmark for style and design will have your customer’s boat trailer looking amazing, and importantly, make you shine brighter than everyone else.
These lamps include specially designed integrated circuitry with the latest in LED lighting technology, and light up brilliantly with a quality second to none, says LED Autolamps.
LED Autolamps explained it has worked on two new designs radically different on the surface but using the same overall size and mounting footprint. 
The two models on offer are the 215 series and the 216 series.
The 215 series features a horizontal array of an Indicator and Stop functions centred with a handy inbuilt reflex reflector.
The 216 series boasts a striking angled light-up array for the Stop and Indicator function backed with a propeller plate chrome effect. 
Both designs include a left side and a right-hand side that includes a built-in licence plate lamp but, more importantly, both feature a modern diffused tail lamp function that surrounds the outside of the light finishing the design.
All options available measure 215mm width x 105mm height x 30mm depth.
The lamps are held securely in place using stainless steel bolts and fittings at the rear of the lamp.
As well as exceeding the required standards with rigorous ADR approvals, these lamps will not only enhance and make your application look neat but also ensure your trailer is road legal and compliant in all states of Australia.
They come standard in a 12 Volt-only configuration and offer a low operational current draw.
LED Autolamps says as always, these products have been designed and manufactured to last.
It states these lamps are constructed extremely tough using UV resistant high impact plastics and are sealed and tested to IP67 standards with sea/salt spray protection.
Further, vibration and impact resistance with no moving parts ensures these lights are made fit for purpose and up to any challenge in Australia’s harshest marine environments.  
They are both available in a twin retail blister pack with left and right-hand side lamps and bulk packaged for OEM manufacturers.
In addition, LED Autolamps has also made available a 10-metre lamp and cable kit, which contains the left and right-hand side lamps and enough hardwire cable for a trailer up to 10 metres in length. They also come in a twin blister or OEM bulk packaging. 
LED Autolamps explains that its entire operation is certified to ISO9001:2015, the internationally recognised Quality Management Standard. It states its main production facility is certified to IATF16949:2016 standards, which it says is your guarantee of conformity of production, exceptional service technical expertise, and dedicated after-sales care.
This latest Series of boat trailer lamps from
LED Autolamps come with a five-year warranty and a distinctive new design with unparalleled quality, says LED Autolamps.
“If you want to provide your customers something different that will give you the wow factor you are after, check out our website or give us a call,” LED Autolamps said.

For more information, visit or call 1800 815 000.