Penrite has released its new VW 508 00 / 509 00 OEM approved engine oil

Penrite Oil is a 100 percent Australian family owned and operated business and says it has been producing world class products for over 95 years.
Penrite says it is proud to have a reputation of being first to market with new specifications of lubricants to provide the trade with OEM approved and compatible products to service Australian and New Zealand vehicles.
Once again, Penrite says it is leading the way with the launch of its new Enviro+ G4FE 0W-20 that meets VW Standard 508 00 and 509 00 and is Fully ACA Licensed and OEM Approved for warranty use in vehicles requiring this specification of engine oil. It also meets API SN Plus, ACEA C5 and Porsche C20 specifications.
Penrite Enviro+ G4FE is a 100 percent synthetic lubricant formulated with a PAO base that provides superior performance and fuel economy to older grades while reducing C02 emissions and boosting environmental sustainability.
It is suitable for vehicles fitted with particulate filters (DPF/GPF) and is designed to provide excellent protection for vehicles with stop/start systems including hybrid vehicles and those running on biofuels or LPG.
Penrite says the new product offers the following key features and benefits:
• Manufacturer approved to maintain vehicle warranty and specifications
• 100 percent synthetic lubricant formulated with PAO (PolyAlphaOlefin) for maximum performance
• Increased wear protection, minimum sludge formation and reduced piston deposits
• Long drain engine oil intervals
• Enhanced LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition) protection
• Better wear protection for “Start-Stop” engines
• Suitable for hybrid petrol/electric, diesel- and gas-powered vehicles
• Superior fuel economy, lower emissions
• Excellent protection for emission control devices GPF/ DPFs and Catalytic converters
• High resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown even in extreme service
• Superior cold start performance, minimising friction and wear at start-up
Penrite Enviro+ G4FE is available now through your nearest trade lubricant reseller.

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