Pedders has released a range of new products recently

From Extreme Big Brake Kits to brakes for the Jimny, parabolic leaf springs, and shock absorbers for SUVs, sedans and hatches, Pedders has been proud to introduce a range of new products to the market recently.

Pedders Extreme Big Brake Kits for Toyota LandCruiser 70
If your customer’s Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series carries lots of accessories and heavy loads, Pedders says now is the opportunity to improve stopping power with a Pedders eXtreme front and rear brake upgrade kit.
The braking performance of these kits is said to be “staggering” with the inclusion of a front six pot caliper and rear four pot forged aluminium caliper design, along with high-tech Pedders eXtreme Kevlar ceramic brake pads mated with six-slot Geomet-coated larger diameter rotors (340mm front and 345mm rear). They come with a metallic silver finish with black Pedders branding, and the engineering sign-off requirement is the same as other Pedders eXtreme Big Brake Kits.

SUV, sedan and hatchback shock absorbers
Pedders has added a further 16 new part numbers to its range of premium replacement shock absorbers for SUVs and a further 18 new part numbers for its sedan/hatchback range, offering smoother and quieter ride characteristics. These shock absorbers are gas pressurised, feature precisely tuned valving, heavy duty construction and offer direct OE fitment at an affordable price, says Pedders.

Pedders Jimny brakes
Pedders has just released a Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Kit for the Suzuki Jimny model. It explains that disc brakes offer better, safer braking, heat and fade resistance, plus consistent performance. The result of this is a shorter stopping distance in all conditions, but especially when laden and in off-road conditions.
This brake conversion kit is fully ADR approved, easy to maintain and offers straight bolt on fitment, geomet coated rotors and Kevlar ceramic low dust brake pads. It is covered by a two-year/40,000km nationwide warranty.

Pedders Parabolic Leaf Springs
Pedders has been proud to release its new Parabolic Leaf Spring set for the Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series recently. The parabolic leaf spring is designed to be uprated with increased height which is better suited to tough Australian conditions as Parabolic springs are more flexible than traditional multi-leaf springs.
Parabolic leaf springs feature a tapered length of spring steel, consisting of fewer laminates while continuing to offer a progressive spring rate with increased ride comfort. They weigh less than multi-leaf packs and are therefore easier and safer to install.
Pedders says the reason why Pedders Parabolic springs are able to offer a premium ride quality is due to the dramatically reduced inter-leaf friction. This also allows for increased articulation with less restriction of a traditional multi-leaf spring.
Features and benefits include enhanced occupant comfort, uprated capability in handling weight, improved bump stops clearance and ride height, better flexibility and articulation, and a longer service life when compared to an equivalent leaf spring. The springs can be used with 4389 u-bolts and a 9545LT shock absorber and are engineered with OE eyelet sizing.

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