Proudly Australian made

Pfitzner Performance Gearbox (PPG) says it is proud to introduce its latest product, the new PPG Honda K-Series Sequential Gearbox.
Engineered with precision and tested for superior performance, PPG says its new sequential for the Honda K-Series is “the ultimate for motorsport success.”
Taking the existing Honda K-Series gearbox as the starting point, PPG identified the need to provide racers with a solution not only to convert their race cars to a sequential gearbox but to utilise already existing large inventories of H-Pattern PPG gears and other key components such as billet bell housings and front transfer cases to make for a smart and cost-effective upgrade path.
The new PPG solution has been conceived not only to provide a full motorsports sequential option for existing K-Series racing applications but also to enable the new sequential gearbox to allow for a fifth and sixth gear option which in turn opens up to a large selection of gear ratios and thus further widening the appeal for the new PPG Sequential solution.
PPG says this not only enables drag racers but allows circuit racers, roll racers and many other high Hp applications to utilise the new PPG Honda K-Series Sequential gearbox.
As well as proprietary PPG dog engagement gears and motorsport derived sequential barrel and selector forks, the new sequential package comes fully equipped with key motorsport components such as a dual channel, contactless rotary sensor; motorsports load cell; fully dressed DR25, Deutsch plug terminated wiring loom, and a low friction gear shift cable with fire and heat protection included.
Also included is a low mass, low friction shifter design, allowing for an optimised lever position to reduce the distance not only from the steering wheel but most importantly the gear shift distance, which is just 42mm.
PPG says the preassembled actuator and shifter streamline the installation process, saving you time and effort.
Proudly Australian-made, PPG states every component of its gearboxes adheres to the rigorous ISO 9001:2015 standards.
The company further states that its commitment to precision and quality is further exemplified by the extensive QA checks that each part undergoes.
“Motoring enthusiasts, the time has come to unleash your true potential. With Pfitzner Performance Gearbox’s ultimate gearshift upgrade, you’ll experience lightning-fast gear changes, unmatched durability, and advanced monitoring capabilities. Elevate your performance and leave your competition in the dust,” says PPG.

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