Providing a “seamless shift to unparalleled performance in classic and modern rides”

UniClutch, a groundbreaking Australian-made performance clutch system, made its grand debut in the Australasian and US markets when it forged partnerships with Repco and NAPA in 2023.
Now, the UniClutch US team has unveiled an exciting video showcasing the installation of UniClutch’s patented flex-fit system in two iconic but vastly different vehicles: a classic C1 Corvette and a contemporary WRX.
In this video, you can join the UniClutch and NAPA Autotech Research team (USA) for a thrilling UniClutch installation journey as Autotech Training Programs Manager Jim entrusts his cherished 1957 Corvette which is steeped in sentimental value from his father, and UniClutch USA representative Mike presents his 2023 WRX.
In the video the UniClutch is dissected, providing an in-depth exploration of its design, specifications, setup procedures, and “unparalleled” benefits.
Jim proudly introduces his 1957 Corvette, boasting a formidable 480-horsepower 350 small block Chevy engine.
Plagued by clutch issues such as chatter, vibrations, and slippage, Jim opted for the UniClutch Sport with an impressive 1100Nm torque rating.
The streamlined installation process eliminates the hassle of flywheel removal or machining. Post-installation, Jim lauds the remarkable improvement in pedal feel, smooth actuation, and serene engagement of his beloved classic.
Next up, Mike shifts the spotlight to the 2023 WRX, showcasing the UniClutch rated at 750Nm.
UniClutch simplifies the installation process, abolishing the need for flywheel removal or machining, thereby saving precious time and effort.
The efficiency of the installation ensures a swift clutch replacement, freeing up hoist time for a quicker return to the open road.
UniClutch says its innovative technology revolutionises clutch upgrades with its seamless installation, adaptability, and unparalleled performance enhancements.
Whether you are driving a timeless classic like the C1 Corvette or a cutting-edge machine like the WRX, UniClutch says it promises uncompromising performance.