Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes offers a range of options for this transmission

From high performance replacement gearsets, to complete billet gearbox units. Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) explains it has taken its range of options for Tremec T56 transmissions to another level.
PPG explains that following its creation of the first sequential-operation six-speed gear-sets for the Tremec T56 – TR-6060 range, it has now raised the bar even higher by introducing the world’s first complete billet aluminium-encased units for these much revered and extensively used gearboxes.
The Tremec T56 – TR-6060 performance gearbox range (also known as the Magnum and Magnum XL) is fitted in various forms to a wide range of cars – particularly GM and Ford models – including the Corvette, Camaro, Mustang and F150 pick-ups, Dodge Charger and Viper, as well as the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon in Australia and the Aston Martin in the UK.
Used extensively for high-performance and motorsport applications, PPG explains that the quality of materials and billet steel component construction coupled with PPG’s unique heat-treatment process has seen cars fitted with PPG gear-set kits achieve multiple records and successes.
Many of these accolades have taken place on the Drag Strip, with elapsed times of around six seconds regularly clocked up, as well as numerous lap records at circuits all over the world.
PPG’s Tremec T56 – TR-6060 market-leading six-speed sequential gear-set kits are available in both straight-cut and helical-cut dog-engagement as heavy-duty upgrade options for in-line and transaxle configurations. Each directly replaces the OEM internals and can be fitted into the manufacturer casings with no requirement for modification or adaptation.
Always looking to innovate and push further towards the ultimate in transmission technology, PPG says it is excited to announce the introduction of a new range of billet aluminium casings and heavy-duty front plate for Tremec T56 and TR-6060 sequential gearboxes.
PPG explains that each is pre-fitted with its existing tried, tested and proven gear-set kits to provide levels of integrity, durability and functionality not seen before.
In keeping with its philosophy of fit and function, the complete PPG unit directly replaces the OE gearbox with no changes required to surrounding components. This means it aligns directly with the vehicle’s existing bell housing, prop-shaft couplings, mountings and linkages, explains PPG.
Further, PPG continues its zero-compromise approach when it comes to actuation of paddleshift systems by specifying and fitting control units custom designed and manufactured by multiple Le Mans 24-hour winners Shiftec.

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