Fremax brake discs will now feature safety check technology at CoolDrive Auto Parts

Fremax brake discs at CoolDrive Auto Parts have undergone a significant upgrade, with new technology to be rolled-out across the range.
“Fremax has recently launched its newest technology, Safety Check, and we are proud to have it being implemented across the range at CoolDrive Auto Parts,” CoolDrive Auto Parts Brake Division Product Development Manager, Victor Makrievski, said.
“The Fremax Safety Check technology has been designed to indicate the right time to change the brake discs, taking away any uncertainty for maximum safety. Preventative vehicle maintenance is essential for driver and passenger safety, and with the Fremax Safety Check technology, drivers will now have access to this indicator to let them know the ideal time to change the brake discs, avoiding possible problems and accidents.”
Fremax says it has earnt a solid reputation over the past 35 years, with the company manufacturing more than 5,000,000 pieces annually for over 1,800 applications.
Fremax states its components offer an ideal combination of quality, innovation and safety, with all of its brake discs and drums manufactured with a high-carbon metal alloy to ensure better braking performance and a longer life.
An innovative paint is utilised across all Fremax products to offer increased protection against rust, while a unique protective oil does not contaminate the brake pads nor does it require cleaning, for a faster and secure application.
Furthermore, a patented concentric groove on the surface face ensures a faster bedding in process, to significantly reduce noises and vibrations.
Fremax is just one of the braking brands available at CoolDrive, with other leading brands including Bremtec Brakes, ICER, Project-Mu, Brembo, Bosch, Hulk 4×4 and Stolz to name a few, covering a large range of street, performance, track and off-road products.
CoolDrive says it also offers quality braking consumables to get the job done right, including brake fluids, cleaners, greases and lubes.

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