Available in Australia from CIRCO Group Global

NRS Brake Pads feature rust resistant, unpainted, galvanized steel with zinc plating, incorporating the award-winning NRS attachment technology.
CIRCO Group Global says these brake pads are amongst the longest lasting, most reliable options of friction material for Fleet, 4×4, Mining and EV vehicles in the world.
Key features and benefits:
• Corrosion resistance: zinc plating technology ensures brake pads are protected, preventing corrosion and ensuring the pads can withstand harsh environments without the fear of delamination or separation. These unique features make NRS Brake Pads perfect for mine spec and off-road vehicles.
• Long life: NRS Brake Pads offer remarkably low levels of wear, even when used in extreme conditions. Testing here in Australia has shown a use-life improvement of over 50 percent. This is exceptionally important when it comes to fleet programs where service life equates to cost. The backing plate fixing method also ensures the friction material will never delaminate, providing a longer life and safer brake operation for the entire life of the pad.
• Low noise: the NRS Noise-cancelling Piston Cushion Insert is designed to attack a known NVH problem area, the caliper/pad/rotor interface, thus helping to reduce noise levels by up to 90 percent. Additionally, all NRS Brake Pads are fitted with the correct anti-squeal shim and all hardware usually expected on an OEM level product.
• Low dust: the NRS compounds are renowned for putting out extremely low levels of light coloured ‘dust.’ Compared to OEM brake pads, NRS Brake Pads offer a significant improvement in low-dust and ease of cleaning. European vehicles which are notorious for elevated dust levels benefit immensely by simply switching to NRS brake pads, says CIRCO Group Global.
• Environmentally friendly: galvanized brake pads are paint free, copper free and 100 percent recyclable.
When it comes to electric vehicles, CIRCO Group Global explains that NRS EV Galvanised Brake Pads are designed specifically for the sector with “unmatched commitment” to the environment which it says means you can expect NRS to deliver the longest lasting, safest, and most environmentally friendly brake pad for electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles. Vehicle fitments include Tesla, Hyundai, KIA, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Ford.
Manufactured in Canada, NRS Brakes are distributed within the Australian automotive market by CIRCO Group Global (CGG) from Yatala, Queensland.

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