From Zylux

Zylux has been developing world-leading battery chargers and automotive accessories for over 20 years and it was in 2001 that it began the development of automotive battery chargers and maintainers.
After four years of development and testing the OzCharge battery charger and maintainer was released – an easy-to-use solution to combat rapidly deteriorating batteries and allow the consumer to avoid needing to purchase an expensive new battery or risk damaging their current battery by charging it incorrectly.
Next came the OzCharge Lithium Pro Series – Zylux’s most advanced charger yet and completely re-designed to charge and maintain batteries with improved performance, efficiency, and safety.
The PRO-L range of battery chargers have the versatility to work with any 12V vehicle battery, including lithium (LiFePO4), making them the ideal solution for both the professional and hobbyist.
All OzCharge battery chargers tailor the charging profile specifically for the individual battery to ensure a safe, and fast charge is delivered and now have a dedicated lithium (LifePO4) charging profile catering for all types of 12V LifePO4 batteries.

Key features and benefits:
• Multi-Chemistry: charge, maintain and repair AGM, Calcium SMF, EFB, GEL, WET and Lithium (LifePO4) batteries.
• Multi-Output: customise the rate at which you deliver charge to your battery.
• Repair, rejuvenate and revive dead batteries.
• Automatic diagnosis: the charger will automatically diagnose the battery upon connection and repair if required.
• Automatic battery rejuvenation: break down battery sulphation and bring dead batteries back to life.
• Over-temperature protection
• Reverse polarity protection
• Short circuit protection
• Over-charge protection
• Redesigned micro-clamps which are sleeker, sturdier and more versatile
• Integrated ring terminals: connect your way with two options in one harness. Ring terminal for more permanent charging solutions or crocodile clips for quick access.
• Super-wide access: connect with ease to any battery terminal with the new ultra-versatile clamp design.
• Textured casing: the textured casing provides greater grip when accessing hard to reach battery Terminals.

For the full range of OzCharge products including chargers, jump starters, batteries and accessories, please visit www.ozcharge.com.au