In 2023 the Penrite-sponsored Supercars entries will run under numbers 19 and 26

Australia’s Penrite Oil Company first joined the Supercars Championship as a full-time team sponsor at the 2015 Bathurst 1000.
Over the past seven years, the company has transitioned from Erebus Motorsport, through to Kelly Grove Racing which then became Grove Racing, enjoying several major successes along this exciting journey.
One goal the company had from the start of its Supercars journey was to secure the race car numbers of 19 and 26, which together form the year that this proud Australian company was established by the young entrepreneur
Les Mecoles at just 16 years of age.
“It has always been a goal since entering the Supercar Championship Series full time that we could get our hands on the perfect book-end numbers of 19 and 26,” Penrite Oil Brand Manager, Jarrod Harding, said.
“So, all of us at Penrite are delighted to announce that from the 2023 season onwards we have finally secured these historic race numbers that mean so much to us.
“At Penrite we have always celebrated our Australian history, which is why our cars have always flown the Australian flag. We are equally as proud of our family-owned company’s history and the year 1926 is very important to us.”
Penrite has quietly tried to manoeuvre behind the scenes to secure numbers 19 and 26 for each of their sponsored team Supercars over the past seven seasons but they were either in use or reserved for use by other teams.
“When we first became involved in Supercars, I saw an old Fujitsu Supercar Team picture on the wall at Penrite which had some small Penrite stickers on the front,” Jarrod said.
“These were cars 25 and 26 and I thought how cool it would be for us to one day have our own Penrite sponsored team with the race numbers 19 and 26.
“Now as we head into a historic new season with the Gen3 Mustang and Camaro Supercars we will also be able to celebrate Penrite’s longevity and continued success as a quality lubricant manufacturer of choice in Australia.”
The entire Penrite Australia team looks forward to watching Penrite Racing drivers David Reynolds and exciting rookie Matt Payne take to the track in 2023 in Supercars #19 and #26.
This means that #10 will now be retired from the Supercars Championship along with star Supercar driver, Lee Holdsworth, who ended his almost two-decade Supercars career at the 2022 Adelaide 500.
This 96-year-old Australian oil company has grown from humble beginnings to become a premium quality favourite among performance, classic, commercial and daily drive vehicle owners, along with two and four wheeled racing teams nationwide.

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