Bilstein says it offers the ideal shock absorbers for this luxury brand

The C-Class, the E-Class and the Mercedes-Benz GLE have been some of the best-selling models in Australia for many years, says Bilstein.
For Australian drivers, the premium driving experience is an important purchase criterion.
Bilstein says this experience is significantly determined by the elaborate and perfectly adjusted suspension technology, with Mercedes-Benz relying on Bilstein’s innovative suspension technologies.
The comfort suspension of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) and E-Class (W213) is equipped with the Bilstein DampMatic as standard. Even without external control, the mechanical system ensures the shock absorber is tighter or softer depending on amplitude of vibration.
The electronic suspension of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) and E-Class (W213) uses Bilstein’s DampTronic sky as standard.
Bilstein states the adaptive shock absorber system with two-valve technology ensures independent adjustment of the rebound and bump damping forces, and therefore provides a perfect solution to the everlasting conflict of objectives between ride comfort and driving safety.
Further, the intelligent control allows the adapting of the damper adjustment to the driving situation for each wheel in a matter of milliseconds.
Bilstein’s DampMatic or DampTronic sky technology is also used for the Mercedes-Benz GLE (W167).
In addition, Bilstein’s active spring struts are installed in the optional E-Active Body Control suspension ex works.
When cornering or driving straight ahead on uneven roads, Bilstein explains they stabilise the body and therefore minimise acceleration forces acting on the passengers.
Bilstein states this is ensured by four dampers, which have an adjustable damping valve and a hydraulic accumulator at the working chambers.
A motor-pump unit can displace the oil in such a way that a pressure difference is created within the damper, building up an active force.
In addition, unique gas bags ensure reliable separation of oil and gas space, resulting in excellent mechanical and chemical stability.
The active spring struts could be described as a combination of a conventional controlled shock absorber and an active hydraulic cylinder, says Bilstein.
Bilstein holds the patent for its DampMatic technology, explaining that this means that no other manufacturer can offer OE replacement shock absorbers which are identical to the OE component for Mercedes-Benz.
However, because the amplitude-dependent control is integrated in the damper and works without cables, there is a risk that the workshop may overlook it.
However, Bilstein says if the workshop opts for a Bilstein B4 OE replacement shock absorber, the DampMatic technology for the particular Mercedes-Benz model is automatically equipped – just like in series production and in OE quality.

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