Hella Gutmann mega macs X

The relationship between humans and their machines is an intricate and sometimes complicated one.
To facilitate a harmonious conversation between the two, Hella Gutmann, a global leader in vehicle diagnostics, has launched its mega macs X.
“This is not a run-of-the-mill diagnostic tool; it is a tool that redefines how workshops interact with vehicles,” Hella Gutman National Manager, Phil Johnston, said.
Just like vehicles, the conversations with them are ever evolving and recognising this shift, Hella Gutmann says it has created the mega macs X to speak their language, with a modular architecture that allows the workshop to curate their own toolkit making it a bespoke experience for the discerning mechanic.
Advancements in technology and manufacturing is leading to vehicles being equipped with safety-relevant systems such as distance regulation, lane keeping assist or emergency brake assistant.
These advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are relevant to increase and improve driver and road safety.
Hella Gutman says the mega macs X is here to help workshops understand the needs of the vehicles and uphold that safety, stating it is a reliable system that comprises all the relevant makes and models.
“The mega macs X is a highly adaptive diagnostic tool that gives workshops the freedom to tailor their diagnostic capabilities by configuring function modules and data types,” Phil said.
“Simplifying the diagnostic process, the mega macs X provides a streamlined interface with no cryptic menus and no multitude of cables.
“Easy to set up, the mega macs X allows for plug and play and with no delays, making it feel like connecting dots for comprehensive diagnostics.
“It is not just easy to set up but also made of high-quality materials that protect against damage and ensures longevity. The double-shell housing makes repairs straightforward and tough enough to withstand the rigors of a workshop.”

Hella Gutmann also provides a tablet that complements the mega macs X, enabling seamless communication and facilitating efficient diagnostics.
“The mega macs X does not stop at diagnostics, it adds value to the workshop by providing a measurement technology module,” Phil said.
“If desired, your diagnostic device can also be turned into a practical two-channel multimeter using a measuring technology module.
“This allows voltage measurements up to 60 volts and current and resistance measurements.”
A high voltage measurement module (MT-HV) is also available for hybrid and electric vehicles which helps receive vehicle specific information such as methods, measuring points and appropriate target values. All settings can be adjusted via the control unit.
“Taking all safety regulations into account, your diagnostic device can guide you safely through high-voltage measurements on hybrid and electric vehicles,” Phil said.
“The mega macs X is not just a diagnostic tool; it is a conversation starter. It bridges gaps, adapts, and empowers workshops to navigate the ever-changing automotive landscape.
“So, whether you are deciphering fault codes or fine-tuning performance, the mega macs X has your back – translating car language one diagnosis at a time.
“Remember, it is not just about fixing cars; it is about understanding them. And with the mega macs X, understanding becomes second nature.”

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