Rival is well set for continued expansion in the coming years

As “a true pioneer in designing and manufacturing loopless aluminium bumper bars to the Australian market since 2013,” Rival says it has demonstrated a forward-thinking approach and a willingness to challenge traditional bullbar design stereotypes.
“With our globally known flagship products such as Rival Aluminium Bumpers and Underbody Armour, we have earned a reputation for delivering reliable and durable gear that exceeds the expectations of our customers in more than 65 countries,” Rival 4×4 Director, Ben Lavis, said.
“In our core, we believe that quality is paramount. We invest heavily in the latest technologies, manufacturing processes and testing to ensure that our products are truly premium and deliver performance for the long haul.”
With manufacturing facilities in Turkey and Kazakhstan, Rival is well set for continued expansion in the coming years.
“Rival 4×4 Australia is an integral part of the global Rival brand. Australia has set the benchmark internationally for 4×4 product design, and Rival is no different,” Ben said.
“Rival Australia sets the standard for developing accessories before being released to the rest of the world. Once the products pass the stringent requirements of the Australian market, they are then released to the other Rival international distribution centres in Germany, USA, Middle East and Europe.”
Rival 4×4 is well-known for its deep stamped 6mm aluminium underbody armour that provides extra protection and strength to the vulnerable under carriage of the vehicle.

Designed to allow access to major service points and without affecting ground clearance, the Rival Underbody armour mounts to the OE mounting points, making the upgrade “effortless.”
Rival says its underbody armour (bash plates) are very light compared to traditional steel skid plates, assisting in keeping the weight down without compromising on strength.
“This is a huge advantage when considering GVM issues with modern four wheel drives and fitting heavy accessories,” Ben said.
The Rival 4×4 bumper replacement bull bars are designed with the style of the vehicle as a major priority.
“On offer is sleek styling which complements the vehicle’s looks while still being able to offer the highest protection from a hoop-less aluminium bull bar,” Ben said.
The Rival bull bars are winch compatible, come with rated tow hooks, and are fully ADR compliant and air bag tested.
Further, Rival says that adding driving lights, CB aerials and a winch does not
include the need for a GVM upgrade due to the strength and lightweight aluminium construction.
“Rival 4×4 pioneered the hoop-less design more than 10 years ago in Australia; Rival is now a brand synonymous with quality, durability and uniqueness,” Ben said.

Rival 4×4 Australia is pleased to announce that the full range of 6mm aluminium Skid Plates and Bull bars will soon be available to order through your local Cooldrive Auto Parts Branch.
“This terrific partnership will complement the existing extensive Cooldrive 4×4 product offer, providing an extensive range of Rival accessories to the market, and making the Rival range much more accessible for the Trade market,” Ben said.
“As the 4×4 market grows, many businesses have diversified their service offer, and 4×4 is the natural choice for many.
“Cooldrive’s expansion in the 4×4 range naturally offers many trade businesses to expand their sales opportunities into the lucrative four wheel drive market.
“With this unique partnership, Cooldrive will now be able to offer Rival 4×4 products to over 35,000 trade accounts across Australia and New Zealand.”
Rival 4×4 will complement the existing and extensive range of four-wheel drive accessories already available from Cooldrive, which can be easily ordered through Cooldrive’s B2B iShop portal.
“As the 4×4 market continues to grow and more and more four-wheel drives are seen in our workshops, Rival skid plates and Bull bars may provide an excellent opportunity for workshops to diversify and grow their business,” Ben said.
“Make sure you keep an eye out for Rival 4×4 products in your Cooldrive iShop portal – coming soon!”

For more information, contact your local Cooldrive Auto Parts Branch or visit www.cooldrive.com.au