With Roadsafe Complete Replacement Control Arms

Roadsafe, one of Australia’s leading undercar component suppliers for the automotive aftermarket for over four decades, offers a suspension replacement innovation that saves workshop labour time and money while ensuring an accurate and complete control arm and related bushings replacement.
The company has been one of Australia’s leading undercar component suppliers for the automotive aftermarket for over four decades.
It says its Roadsafe Replacement Control Arms ensure that general automotive technicians and suspension specialists are fitting a completely brand new, OE quality specified control arm as a bolt in replacement with no pressing required.
The use of Roadsafe Replacement Control Arms reportedly reduces suspension component fitment issues, by eliminating the process of fitting new parts into unknown worn components.
Whether the reason for repair is worn suspension arm bushings or a worn ball joint, the other components fitted to the arm have done exactly the same amount of work over its lifespan.
This means that in reality while still serviceable, these components could be on borrowed time, requiring dismantling a second time in the near future.
Another complication with modern vehicles is the use of what are referred to as “time positioned” bushings – where the centre hole is offset rather than being dead centre of the bushing. 
The complication here is when pressing in a new bushing, the positioning of the bushing is absolutely critical and if pressed in only a few degrees out can lead to alignment issues, harshness, noise and most importantly, shortened service life of the bushing.
This usually leads to a come-back job that no workshop needs.
To eliminate all of these issues and create a better result for your customers, while saving workshop time for your business, Roadsafe says you can instead replace the complete suspension arm and get the job right the first time.
Roadsafe explains that offers a vast range coverage across almost five million vehicles for these innovative suspension repair components.
Applications cover local and imported passenger vehicles, 4WDs, SUVs and light commercial vehicles, with the range constantly expanding to meet Australian car parc replacement requirements.
The Roadsafe Replacement Control Arm range includes upper arms, lower arms, radius arms and strut rods across both front and rear replacement applications.
The quality of these automotive aftermarket suspension components is backed by a 40,000 kilometre, two year warranty, ensuring that you are providing your customers with a premium level repair.

Top tips from Roadsafe – Sway Bar Link Performance
Roadsafe’s commitment to its customers’ success expands outside of developing and introducing new products, with its team frequently publishing expert advice to help workshops.
When it comes to sway bar link performance, Roadsafe shares the following insights and tips for ultimate success.
Various chassis parts will affect the way a car can handle, its tyre wear, the vehicle noise and vibrations generated, and the general comfort any commute.
All of these factors have some impact on how a driver engages with and trusts their vehicle. Relatively simple chassis components, such as sway bar links, can have a very significant effect across all of these factors.
A worn-out sway bar link can create noise and vibration by clunking or knocking underneath a vehicle creating all sorts of noises and vibrations.
When in good and serviceable condition, sway bar links will be silent and provide a confident sure-footed feeling that enhances comfort and confidence in any vehicle.
Often sway bar links can be fitted incorrectly, which is known as being ‘handed,’ meaning that there are opposing left- and right-hand links fitted.
On first glance they may look identical, but it is the small things that can get technicians caught out.
It is therefore important to check the part numbers to see if they are in fact ‘Left Hand’ or ‘Right Hand’ to ensure that they are fitted to the vehicle correctly. If sway bar links are fitted incorrectly, they will not last.
They may be noisy due to the change in operating angles of the sway bar, potentially making the sway bar contact and hit other nearby suspension components.
Often the link will not be able to extend as far as required if installed backwards and will fail in a very short period of time. As this is deemed a fitment issue and not a product related issue, and given the regularity of it occurring, it is an important suspension servicing topic to discuss.
It is important to note that a 4WD fitted with aftermarket suspension which has been raised more than 30mm also requires the connection from the sway bar to the chassis to be extended to compensate for the lift.
When fitted correctly, sway bar links keep the roll of a vehicle under control providing renewed driver confidence in vehicle cornering and steering response.
Roadsafe explains that it offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of sway bar link pins for OE replacements as well as an extensive range of aftermarket extended Heavy Duty options for raised suspension vehicles.
All Roadafe sway bar links are E-Coated in a black, corrosion resistant OE style finish, and most applications include POM Inserts for long lasting durability; and each component comes with full hardware kits including nuts, washers and bushings.

An expanding product range
Roadsafe states that its constantly expanding the precision engineered Roadsafe range through steering and suspension product innovation and development.
The Roadsafe steering and suspension product range includes specific vehicle application engineered Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Rack Ends, Drag Links, Relay Rods, Track Rods, Idler / Pitman Arms, Sway Bar Links and Control Arms.
All Roadsafe suspension components have been designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications.
The company’s own R&D and Innovation Centre is equipped with the most modern technology to custom design suspension components to best suit the Australian automotive aftermarket.
All of its products are available from Burson Auto Parts and other quality independent auto parts resellers nationwide; with warehouse locations across multiple states ensuring high demand is met by strong national supply rates, supported by industry leading print and online cataloguing.

A new look
Roadsafe recently embarked on a new brand marketing platform that it says captures the factors that make Roadsafe the country’s “unparalleled leader for these integral automotive replacement products.”
“Roadsafe – For The Road Ahead” is said to signify how this Australian steering and suspension component brand is always moving forward, constantly expanding the precision engineered Roadsafe range through suspension product innovation and development.
A brand new Roadsafe logo accompanies the new “For The Road Ahead” positioning statement, along with brand new product packaging, a new website and new marketing collateral across all of the Roadsafe product categories.
These categories include Roadsafe STR (Street and Passenger Vehicles), Roadsafe 4WD, Roadsafe HD (Heavy Duty) and Roadsafe CLS (Classic Vehicles).
These product segments are boosted by new and innovative steering and suspension components engineered by Aussies for Aussies in order to best meet the demands of our specific driving conditions.

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