New portfolio of INA auxiliary water pumps released

Schaeffler’s Automotive Aftermarket division is expanding its product portfolio under its INA brand to offer electric auxiliary water pumps in proven quality to leading OEM standards.
Owners of combustion engines, hybrids and electric vehicles can now benefit from this aftermarket solution, which offers broad car park coverage of over 50 million vehicles from various well-known manufacturers.

New requirements for cooling systems
Efficient and reliable cooling solutions are key in ensuring optimum operating temperatures and thus reducing the thermal load on critical components.
The thermal management system is becoming even more important as the electrification of car parks increases, due to the growing demands placed on the cooling system from a vehicle perspective and the increasing complexity of the system at the same time.
For these reasons, auxiliary water pumps play a major role in after-run, fuel, and turbocharger cooling.
They are also essential for cooling the high-voltage battery and the inverter in hybrid and electric vehicles.
“The launch of our auxiliary water pump program represents an important milestone for us as we continue to focus our thermal management program towards the future,” Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Head of Product Management Powertrain Systems, Maik Evers, said.
“With our new portfolio of high-quality auxiliary water pumps, we offer professional repair solutions for a large number of vehicles that guarantee maximum functionality and reliability.”

Extension in two steps
Initially, Schaeffler is launching eleven INA auxiliary water pumps, which have been developed for many high-volume vehicles from well-known manufacturers such as Toyota and Volkswagen.
The range will be continuously expanded over the course of 2024 and into the upcoming years.
The highlight of the initial portfolio is a pump for Toyota, Volvo, and Lexus models, which is used for hybrid inverter cooling (article number 539 0006 10).
Other pumps with a focus on the Volkswagen Group cover the essential areas of additional cooling of the cooling water circuit and after-run cooling when the combustion engine is switched off (article numbers 539 0010 10 and 539 0014 10).

For more information, contact Schaeffler Australia Automotive Aftermarket Customer Service on or 02 8977 1068.