Offering the power to quickly diagnose and confirm faults, says Snap-on

A high-quality scan-tool and scope is essential for efficient and accurate fault diagnosis in any workshop.
We all know that a reliable, high quality diagnostic tool is an important asset – afterall, being able to read and test modern automotive vehicle systems is crucial to the diagnostic process.
But with so many scan tools on the market, understanding which best suits the needs of your business is often a hard call to make.
Snap-on says its Triton-D10 Integrated Diagnostics Tool is ideal for workshop owners and technicians who require a device to confidently diagnose faults.
Snap-on explains that the Triton-D10 provides intuitive diagnostic testing and scope functionality, combining the ability to identify faulty components and prove the fault by using the scope.
The integrated scope and enhanced memory of the Triton-D10 also make it the perfect tool for diagnosing intermittent faults, says Snap-on.
With a 10-inch colour touchscreen, the Triton-D10 is easy to navigate and read while working on-vehicle and quickly delves deep into vehicle systems to evaluate performance against comparative data via Snap-on’s Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics software.
The Snap-on Triton-D10 also has access to experience-based information from a growing database of previous solutions and can recommend common repair methods to known faults.
Snap-on says the Fast-Track process eliminates unnecessary information, providing the specific data and resources technicians need to make repair decisions (often, other scan tools can provide too much unrelated information, and can over complicate the process).
While using Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics, the Triton-D10 filters data and delivers smart shortcuts to allow technicians access to information directly related to the diagnostic trouble code.
While using the two-channel scope, the advanced graphing features within the functional and guided component tests are ideal for troubleshooting and help technicians to efficiently verify faults.
It also incorporates both a digital and graphing multimeter to reduce handover time between devices and can even be optioned with a coil lead adaptor, low Amp current probe, temperature probe, and pressure transducer.
Wi-Fi connectivity is available on the Triton-D10 with access to the Snap-on Cloud to save files for later reference.
Snap-on says the Triton-D10 helps to take the guess work out of the diagnostic process and provides technicians with the data they need to complete the repair efficiently and accurately.

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