Bilstein cancellation kits prevent error messages of the on-board electronic system

With a high-quality sports or coilover suspension, drivers can not only optimise the appearance of their vehicle, but also raise the handling to a completely new level.
However, Bilstein warns there has been a small disadvantage for cars with standard electronic suspension in the past if a product without an electronic valve system was to be retrofitted.
In this case, it says a permanent error message had to be expected from the on-board electronic system.
This not only looks unprofessional, but can even lead to other components also going into fault mode and possibly not functioning correctly.
Bilstein says that thanks to its new cancellation modules, these unpleasant side-effects are now a thing of the past and everything looks consistent again.
Like all of the brand’s high-performance components, the new cancellation kits are extensively tested in the Bilstein road test.
Bilstein says this ensures they meet the highest standards and work perfectly with all Bilstein suspension kits and shock absorbers.
Bilstein says of course, they are also designed to withstand even extreme heat and cold, a lot of splashes of water, or aggressive salt.
Another important point, says Bilstein, is that the new Bilstein cancellation modules impress with their particularly easy and quick installation: simply attach the kit brackets, plug into the original socket and you’re done.
Detailed instructions are enclosed with the product for your reference.

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