From Invision Sales

Invision Sales is an Australian lighting company specialising in high-quality lighting solutions for just about every application.
The company is the exclusive distributor of renowned brands such as Tungsram Automotive Lighting, JW Speaker LED lighting products and the Invision Headlight Restoration program.
Invision Sales says JW Speaker is a leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative LED lighting solutions for industries including automotive, mining transportation, and emergency.
JW Speaker supplies a wide range of major OEM companies including Harley Davidson, McLaren, John Deere and so on, and specialises in advanced product design and manufacture with a complete in-house facility.
Tungsram Automotive Globes is a trusted brand that provides durable and reliable lighting solutions for cars, trucks, and motorcycles, explains Invision Sales.
Headlight Restoration is a brand that specialises in restoring the clarity and brightness of foggy or yellowed headlights.
With these reputable brands under its umbrella, Invision Sales says it has become a go-to source for quality lighting solutions.
“The company is unique in that it offers a complete sales and brand management package to companies it represents,” Invision Sales Managing Director, Wayne Blackman, said.
“Invision’s marketing is innovative and targeted, while maintaining the integrity of global branding strategies and guidelines.
“Tungsram Automotive Lighting and JW Speaker now have a very strong presence in the Australian market and are considered leaders in innovative marketing.”
Invision Sales explains JW Speaker is also a leading manufacturer of worklights and associated products in the US, supplying a wide range of major companies with new technology lighting products.
Focused on engineering lighting solutions,
JW Speaker offers the industry a wealth of optics and light sources information though the program.
Invision also recognised the need for a comprehensive Headlight Maintenance Program.
“As cars get older, the plastic headlight lenses deteriorate as a result of abrasion and UV exposure,” Wayne said.
“The headlights become a dirty yellow colour with an opaque surface. This surface damage can dramatically reduce the light output and make headlights less effective.
“The Invision Headlight Restoration Kit is designed to restore plastic headlight lenses back to as new condition.”

For more information, visit www.invisionsales.com or call 03 9336 2066.