TAG says these jump starters are reliable roadside companions

When unexpected vehicle breakdowns occur, the last thing drivers need is to be stranded in remote locations with no help in sight.
TAG says this is where its Portable Jump Starters come into play. As a trusted provider of top-quality towbars and towing accessories, TAG says it offers a range of practical solutions to ensure drivers can get back on the road quickly and with peace of mind.
TAG says that amongst its line-up, the JS02 and JS01 Portable Jump Starters shine as reliable and versatile tools suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

Powerful jump starting capability
The JS02 Portable Jump Starter boasts an impressive 16000mAh (1000 Peak Amps) 12v battery, allowing it to jump start a vehicle up to 30 times on a single charge. Whether it is a jet ski, tractor, or daily commuter, TAG says this portable powerhouse has you covered, while for smaller passenger vehicles, it states the JS01 with its 12000mAh 12V battery is an excellent choice.

Multipurpose functionality
In addition to their jump-starting capabilities, TAG Portable Jump Starters serve as practical backup battery chargers for your mobile devices. With multiple charging options, including USB (5V/9V Output), 16V DC Output, and USB-C Quickcharge Input, you can conveniently charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other mobile devices. Both the JS02 and JS01 devices feature Wireless Qi Charging, making them compact tools that can be used daily while on the go.

Enhanced safety features
Equipped with an energy-efficient ultra-bright LED Flex-Light, TAG Portable Jump Starters provide invaluable assistance during nighttime roadside emergencies. This powerful lighting feature ensures you can work safely and efficiently, even in the darkest environments.

Compact and portable design
One of the standout advantages of TAG Portable Jump Starters is their compact size and lightweight design. Easily carried with one hand, these units are designed for convenience and portability. When not in use, the slimline carry case is smaller than most first aid kits and can be effortlessly stowed under your seat, ensuring it’s always within reach when needed.
In summary, TAG states that its Portable Jump Starters offer drivers peace of mind and a reliable solution for vehicle breakdowns.
With their robust jump-starting capabilities, multifunctionality as device chargers, enhanced safety features, and compact design, TAG says these jump starters are a valuable addition to any driver’s toolkit.

For more information, visit www.tagtowbars.com.au