Available from Interequip

Interequip says the new VH8 3D aligner is made with unique and cutting-edge technology, a market leader for wheel aligners based on years of development of manufacturing since 1998.
Interequip says the VH8 is thirty percent less in price than Italian-made 3D aligners, and is reliable, easy to use/maintain, and being mobile, can be moved between alignment bays for busy workshops.
Key features and benefits:
• Automatic camera beam movement allows the technician to fit plates and measure from the base lift position to full height while having the camera beam track the whole procedure.
• The mobile base with movable cabinet makes the VH8 an ideal and unique 3D aligner for the busy workshop, able to move within the workshop with precision and accurate work.
• Attractive 32-inch LED TV display and DELL PC, printer.
• Autodata licensed AUS full vehicle database free updates for two years.
• Advanced Alignment Functions: Wheel Deviation, Axis Deviation, Vehicle Lifting adjustment, Tire Removing adjustment, Steering wheel Level adjustment, Body Dimension, Engine Bracket adjustment, Lock Toe, Toe Curvature, Zero Toe Camber, Scrub Radius, Body Height.
• Self Centering Three Point Clamps and water and oil prof targets
• 6.2 Megapixel cameras for higher accuracy

For more details, visit or call 18000EQUIP (1800 037 847).