Aeroflow has landed a “huge” shipment of wheel nuts, both black and chrome

Aeroflow Performance Products has continued to increase its already 11500-part numbers range, to now include a range of wheel nuts.
The Aeroflow Performance range of racing wheel nuts are designed to keep your wheels on your car, but also add some class at the same time.
These wheel nuts have been designed and constructed to strict engineering quality standards, explains Aeroflow.
Made from Grade 6 steel for structural integrity, then hardened and tempered, the nuts have reportedly reached the depth of hardness needed for their unsurpassed level of safety.
They are treated with high corrosion resistance to combat rust in any environment, and then nickel plated in chrome or black for lasting beauty, says Aeroflow.
The range of Aeroflow Performance wheel nuts are available in a variety of thread sizes, shank lengths, seat or conical styles in both open and closed to suit all wheels available in today’s market.
With convenient packaging of five x pieces per pack, Aeroflow says these wheel nuts are a great option for both retail and trade sales, and wholesale bulk enquiries are also welcomed.
The Aeroflow wheel nut range is available now in stock at Rocket Industries. The Rocket Industries team invites you to get in touch to discuss availability and pricing at any time.

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