Milford’s Ult1Mate Next Gen Towbar is setting the towing world alight

The new Ult1Mate Next Gen Towbar from Milford has already claimed a number of awards, including the ‘Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product’ award at the 2019 ‘Australian Auto Aftermarket Innovation Awards’ and the coveted Good Design award for Design Excellence.
Milford says that every aspect of the product has been thoroughly researched, designed and tested; making Ult1Mate Next Gen Towbars “the new gold standard in towing.”

From the beginning
Ever since the introduction of the square hitch receiver style towbar more than half a century ago, Milford says most towbar manufacturers have sought to simply emulate this product design.
Featuring a removable tongue, the square hitch receiver style towbar has become the most dominant, popular market design; more-or-less making the traditional/standard towbar with its permanently fixed hitch completely redundant.
Inherent in the square hitch receiver style towbar design format is the over generous tolerancing difference between the square hitch and receiver tube. These dimensional tolerances are responsible for the annoying rattle you hear when fitted to your vehicle which can be a cause of great frustration for everyone that’s ever had a towbar fitted to their vehicle.
Innovating a better way
Milford says it has a proud tradition of innovation and pioneering through a raft of breakthrough ideas and designs across its 50 years in business.
In keeping with this philosophy and to further build on its well established post graduate industry leadership program – a joint program in association with various internationally renowned tertiary institutions and research laboratories – the company says it sought to improve the square hitch receiver style towbar design; beginning with the development of a purpose designed, precision formed, receiver tube to overcome these shake and rattle issues.
With its precision fabricated square receiver hitch, designed specifically to snug fit the specially formed purpose built, hitch, Milford says this new innovation moves well past the idea of using traditional imperial tube stock to a more contemporary and exacting manufacturing requirement.
“We then sought to reinforce this high tolerance interface between the hitch tube and receiver tube with our patented, compression style, HitchHush end cap,” explained Milford Industries General Manager, Greg Spooner.
“Stylishly completed with an embossed CNC finished aluminium decal, Milford’s patented HitchHush protective end cap is made of the most durable, automotive grade, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene plastic; featuring an embedded, uniquely compositional, polyurethane cushion in the cap head.”

When used in conjunction with Milford’s range of purpose-built hitches – complete with its integral hitch brace for highest load and superior appearance – the calculated compressional force exerted by the end cap against the receiver cover plate provides sufficient dampening to overcome even the slightest amount of movement.
“This anti-rattle technology has endured countless cycles of durability and Noise, Vibration and Harmonic testing in our Nata certified test laboratory,” Greg said.
“As a result Milford HitchHush delivers a smooth, silent trip, free of noise and annoying issues and troubles.”
Not satisfied with this substantially game changing improvement in itself, Milford explains it also sought to further innovate the square hitch receiver style towbar platform so as to achieve a level of higher performance and greater user confidence than ever before.
Of note and considerable concern during the research and development phase of the Ult1mate towbar project was the discovery that a number of high profile, modular towbar designs in the market already experienced infield detachment or loosening of fasteners during service.
Milford says that its patented, fully integrated Next Generation, Ult1mate towbar design features a High Tech Interlocking Design to ensure maximum strength and failsafe durability.
“Designed to provide load bearing reinforcement and interlocking connection between the main rail/cross bar and outrigger chassis mounting plates, Milford’s High Tech Interlocking Design has been torture tested to achieve maximum load rating and durability in Milford’s world leading towbar test lab and to loads exceeding 3500Kg even without the use of any fasteners whatsoever,” Greg said.

“All Milford Ult1mate Next Generation Towbars are of course however, securely fixed using aircraft grade locking fasteners for added peace of mind.
“In addition to being the most advanced, high tech and safest modular square hitch receiver style towbar on the market, our patented interlocking design also provides the added advantage of being the simplest towbar to install.
“Owing to the interlocking features and precision formed parts, Milford Ult1mate towbars are suitable for single person installation and rapid fitment.”
Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions are delivered in full format HD video for each part included with every one of Milford’s Ult1mate Next Generation Towbars. Milford’s “industry leading” fitment videos can be viewed on your smart phone, tablet or other smart device, wherever you are, 24 hours a day.

Superior protection
All Milford Ut1mate next generation towbars are protected by ArmorTex.
“ArmorTex is our new, high tech, eco-friendly pre-treatment and high performance, anti-corrosion, anti-mar coating,” explained Greg.
“In abrasion resistance testing, ArmorTex performs 650 times better than standard satin powder coat.”
To ensure your Ult1mate Next Generation Towbars arrive to you safely, the product is packaged in dedicated cartons with secure provisions for all elements and components.
“You can be guaranteed of receiving your Milford Ult1mate Next Generation Towbar in the best condition and owing to Milford’s security seal, you can have confidence that everything you need and want is right there in the box!” Greg said.
“Combined with our unique lifetime warranty (some terms apply), Milford Ult1mate Next Generation Towbars really are the new standard in towing.”

To find out more visit or call Milford’s friendly team on 1800 MILFORD.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Publisher, Cameron McLachlan, takes a look at the products driving the automotive aftermarket.