The guardian of the vehicle’s power

Complex and operating under continual pressure at high temperatures, a vehicle’s Transmission System is the very definition of a Hidden Hero.
Always ready, always precise, always accurate – the Transmission System performs the critical role of harnessing all the raw power provided by the engine and delivering it in a controlled, measured way to the wheels, through a precise, continuous process of speed and torque transmission. If the transmission fails, so does the whole vehicle.
PETRONAS says this hero will be facing greater stress tomorrow – stating that as if this exploding mechanical complexity wasn’t enough, things are only going to get tougher for this hidden hero.
Already highly compact Transmission Systems will become smaller and run hotter, to meet the demand for lighter, more efficient vehicles.
Environmental imperatives will continue, increasing demand for fully electrified and hybrid drivelines which bring with them unique cooling challenges and place further pressures on space.
Urbanisation and ‘always on’ delivery trends will increase stop/start traffic for everyone but place particular pressure on the Transmission Systems of commercial vehicles.

PETRONAS Tutela to protect the Transmission System
All that stands between the full power of a vehicle driving metal against metal is a thin layer of protective molecules.
The PETRONAS Tutela range of specialist transmission fluids has been engineered to withstand pressure, enhance performance and efficiency, and extend the life of moving parts.
PETRONAS says key features and benefits of its Tutela range include the following:
• Improved fuel efficiency – PETRONAS Tutela transmission fluids combine lower viscosity with strengthened fluid film resistance, to reduce friction and improve fuel efficiency without compromising on protection.
• Defends against mechanical stress, to help avoid unexpected downtime and extend the working life – PETRONAS Tutela transmission fluids have anti-wear and anti-pitting properties to help extend the life of the Transmission System, and outstanding shock load resistance to protect the axle.
• Performance even at low temperatures.
• Ready to tackle the increased electrification of the driveline.
• Ready to take on new speeds.
• Multi-purpose fluids for increasingly automated transmissions.
• Enhanced noise and vibration control qualities.
• Smoother, more comfortable gear shifts.

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