The 4×4 aftermarket accessories manufacturer says the new range is revolutionising the industry

TJM Australia has launched its revamped, highly innovative suspension brand XGS Suspension, along with several vehicle specific XGS lift kits.
TJM Australia says that in a much-needed shakeup to the 4×4 suspension industry, which for too long has followed a one-size-fits-all templated approach, XGS has pioneered a market-leading suspension range to cater for every use and give 4×4 enthusiasts a suspension system equipped to “Handle Anything.”
“Since the start of 2019, our top priority as a business has been the expansion and reinvention of XGS. Not once did we move the goalposts or stray from our target of launching this revolutionary suspension range in 2022,” XGS Suspension Category Manager, Justin Hettrick, said.
“Our engineers and designers have worked tirelessly to create this new range of XGS suspension and accessories.
“With over 40 years in the suspension game, TJM has used this extensive knowledge and testing to deliver a massively improved, cutting-edge range that is packed with ground-breaking technology, market-firsts and premium resources.
“And now, this updated and improved range is going to redefine the entire aftermarket suspension industry.”
After years of extensive research, development and testing, Justin says XGS engineers have pioneered a revolutionary suspension range to elevate your vehicle’s core potential and your own individual driving experience, no matter what you get up to.

Through reimagined, nitrogen charged shock absorbers, hand-adjustable compression and rebound controls, Upper Control Arms with OE geometry correction and so much more – TJM Australia says XGS is set to completely revitalise how 4WDs perform in absolutely any setting.
It all begins with three custom-designed suspension lift kits: XGS Roamer, XGS Rugged and XGS Remote.
XGS Roamer, the ‘all-rounder’ built for heavy-duty use, takes twin-tube shock absorbers to the next level with a nitrogen charged 18mm hard-chromed piston rod and a 40mm piston bore.
“This dramatically improves damping potential and shock durability, while multi-stage velocity-controlled valving ensures your 4×4 is able to dynamically adapt to changes in terrain at a moment’s notice,” Justin said.
XGS Rugged is said to push the boundaries of 4×4 driving – no matter what terrain you are on – thanks to an inventive mono-tube construction that delivers superior ride quality and the high-end performance you’d expect when carrying heavy loads or driving off-road.
“Constructed with a huge 52mm piston bore that vastly improves damping potential and shock durability compared to the Roamer, XGS Rugged deliberately focuses on virtually eliminating shock fade,” Justin said.
“Throw in a massive 40-75mm lift with trimmable height, incredible heat dissipation and the same multi-stage velocity-controlled valving, and you’re all set for hauling heavy loads on or off-road.”

Lastly, there is the XGS Remote.
“Packed full of ground-breaking features, premium quality materials and patented technology, XGS Remote gives 4x4s a driving experience like never before,” Justin said.
“Straight away you’re met with the same 52mm piston bore found in XGS Rugged but with one crucial difference, a remote reservoir for twice the oil carrying capacity. This drastically improves damping potential and shock durability, while the mono-tube design takes this even further.
“The patented inbuilt hydraulic bump-stop (Position sensitive damping) provides the perfect solution for vehicles that experience suspension bottoming at high speeds or when heavily loaded.
“As the suspension reaches maximum compression, the internal bump stop progressively increases damping resistance for maximum impact control. As a result, the vehicle and occupants are protected from high stress loads.
“But what really steals the show is the fully adjustable eight-stage compression and rebound damping dials to customise, not only how fast your suspension compresses, but also the extension rate of the shock absorber after compression.”
Whether it’s rugged terrain, soft terrain, bitumen or towing, XGS Remote allows you to change your vehicle suspension set-up on-the-fly with one simple turn of a dial.

On top of the highly innovative suspension lift kits are the XGS Upper Control Arms.
Designed to solve wheel alignment issues when a vehicle is lifted, the XGS Upper Control Arms provide up to three degrees of additional caster and camber to regain those lost degrees of adjustment.
“However, the innovation doesn’t stop there. As a market-first, using unique 3D CAD (computer-aided design), XGS have designed a product that occupies the same/similar footprint as the OE component, but with geometry correction and correct ball joint location built in,” Justin said.
“To put it plainly, XGS have designed Upper Control Arms with a mount area that will never rub against the rim of the car, and allows fitment of virtually any aftermarket wheel. To date, no other aftermarket arms are able to offer this.”
Finally, there is the XGS GVM Plus.
“Built upon TJM’s renowned suspension range, which for years has delivered exceptional performance for any and all 4×4 adventurers, GVM Plus goes that one-step further,” Justin said.
“Combining leaf springs, XGS Coil Springs with new generation X5K spring steel, and other premium suspension components, GVM Plus is a specially designed suspension upgrade that increases the load-carrying capability of your 4×4, while providing your fully loaded 4×4 with an incredible driving experience. XGS GVM Plus range is continually expanding.”
Following the early November launch, this range of XGS products is available now.

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