UFI says its filters are “the OEM-quality choice for the best engine protection”

The filtration processes that refinery fuels are subjected to only retain particles with dimensions between 50 and 80 microns with the smaller pollutant particles remaining in the fuel which risks being further contaminated during the transfer to the end consumer.
The diesel filter, therefore, is a crucial component that ensures proper maintenance and performance of a vehicle.
UFI says the best way to choose a high-quality fuel filter is to use the same that are fitted as original equipment (OE) by car makers, from premium manufacturers such as UFI Filters.
UFI has been in the filtration business for over 50 years, with the last 20 specialising in the production of filter media.
FormulaUFI is the brand name given to the filter materials that have been selected, developed, and produced in-house by UFI, which says its OE pedigree means that it is “the number one choice of 95 percent of manufacturers worldwide.”
The Volkswagen Group confirms its valued partnership with UFI Filters as sole supplier of the fuel filtration systems for the 1.6 and 2.0 litres EA288 EVO diesel engines on the MQB platform.
They are installed in different popular models, including the Volkswagen Golf, T-Roc, Tiguan, Touran and Passat; the Audi A3, Q2 and Q3; the Škoda Kodiaq and Octavia.
The filtering cartridge (UFI PN 26.038.00) belongs to the FormulaUFI.H2O family which has a high water separation capacity thanks to its cellulose fibre base combined with synthetic or glass fibres. It has an impurity filtering capacity of more than 95 percent for particles of up to 3 μm.
The structure of the housing and cover with hydraulic fittings features coated steel, which provides excellent resistance to corrosion, explosion, and impact.
Another type of diesel filtration can be achieved through deep filtration produced according to the exclusive UFI.EXTREME Formula.
The deep filtration media from UFI filters diesel fuel from the inside to the outside, in accordance with the principle of coalescence. In other words, the fluid passes through materials of varying depth and porosity, which causes the water particles in the diesel to unify, forming larger droplets that fall to the bottom of the filter, where there may be a purge valve to empty the water that has been separated from the diesel.
The UFI DEFENDER 60.H2O.00 filter, patented by UFI Filters, developed also for the original equipment, is a replacement for a high water-fuel separating system to ensure optimum maintenance and performance of a vehicle for Multijet engines.
The UFI 24.ONE.0B is a “seamed” type with a steel casing. The filtering media is made from synthetic material and is composed of polymers which create a depth septum characterised by a “volumetric” graduated porosity gradient. Equipped with water presence sensor, it functions as both a “pre-filter” and “fine filtration” within the same cartridge.

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