The company says it is Formula One’s preferred filter supplier

Components made by UFI Filters, a world leader in fluid filtration technologies, will be used by the major teams competing in this year’s Formula One World Championship.
UFI Filters says this fact confirms the position of the company as “undisputed leader” in this premium motorsport class.
Indeed, nine of the 10 Formula 1 teams have chosen UFI, with the company supplying more than 8,000 individual parts per year to the racing sector.
UFI Filters says all solutions are customised to the individual team cars and will be modified throughout the championship to reflect the evolution of the F1 engines as the season progresses.
At the Melbourne Grand Prix, 110 filters made by UFI will contribute to the race for the podium.
In fact, the company tailor makes 15 different filters for each vehicle, ranging from engine oil filters, fuel filters (low and high pressure), “last chance” filters (for water and/or oil circuits), hydraulic and water filters for the cooling circuit, as well as filters on power steering systems.
It is a long-lasting relationship between UFI and the racing world, with the first contract awarded in 1976.
The components for the world of racing are developed by the dedicated High-Tech Division in Italy. There, a team of highly technical experts work 24/7 on breakthrough technologies, developing and producing new products for special applications.
UFI Filters says the team dedicates part of their time alongside the various design engineers of the racing teams to develop the most advanced filtration technology.
The presence of the High-Tech Division within the company and the knowledge and expertise that this team brings represent strategic advantages in the production of traditional automotive technologies at UFI Filters, says the company.
Thanks to its relentless effort, UFI says it can quickly transfer the know-how learned in the racing field to everyday vehicles.
It states this knowledge extends to the choice of processes, materials and suppliers and has a major impact on the technological characteristics of all UFI Filters components.
UFI Filters’ involvement in motorsport in 2023 does not stop at Formula 1. The company’s products will also play a key role in the Indycar, Nascar, Formula 3, FIA Formula 2 and Le Mans Series.
UFI Filters is also taking part in the MotoGP Championship, Moto2 and Moto3 with the supply to KTM and in the motorbikes with Aprilia Racing and Ducati Corse.

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