Snap-on says it makes Air Conditioning service and repair a ‘breeze’

With summer only just around the corner, workshops are getting ready for “air-con” season.
Having said that, for modern vehicles running climate-controlled HVAC systems, the air-con system is actually running consistently, seeing air conditioning services spread more evenly across the year.
Even so, those 40-degree days which can’t be too far away will surely test the growing number of vehicles on our road. Snap-on says now is the time to make sure you have the correct equipment to tackle the season.
In the world of refrigerants, there has been a continuing transition from R134a to 1234yf in new vehicles.
As the new gas becomes more common, it is time to consider an auto-station designed and set up for the 1234yf refrigerant: this season, Snap-on Tools offers the Breeze IV and Blizzard QTECH IV.
Both are fully automatic air-conditioning service units; and with a growing database of vehicles on our roads, the Breeze and Blizzard units are said to be perfect for any level of expertise in the workshop. Indeed, Snap-on states that from the apprentice to the Master Tech, completing an air-con service will be a breeze.
Sold and configured in your selected refrigerant formant of either HFO-1234yf or R134a, these units are among the most modern air-conditioning service and re-gassing units on the market, says Snap-on, with both units designed to make the job quicker, easier, and more profitable.

Blizzard QTech IV
The Blizzard QTech IV is Snap-on Tools’ most advanced air-conditioning service unit, available in either R134a or HFO-1234yf models.
Features include Wi-Fi connectivity, a 7.0-inch colour touchscreen, 3.0m hoses, and a 12-litre refillable refrigerant tank.
This automatic recovery and charging station offers a unique hybrid functionality that supports electronic driven compressors and includes the option to pressure test with forming gas or dry nitrogen.

Breeze IV
Snap-on Tools says the Breeze IV is its best value for money air-conditioning recovery and recharge unit, with the option of R134a or HFO-1234yf models.
The Breeze IV also includes the latest Australian vehicle database, including agricultural machinery and trucks, with the option to manually enter specifications.
Snap-on Tools says its Breeze IV and Blizzard QTech IV take the hard work out of AC service and repair as truly powerful tools for any workshop.

For more information, talk to your local franchisee representative or visit www.snapontools.com.au