New sustainable, innovative and user-friendly products are being introduced to the range

ZF Aftermarket is launching three new or revised TRW products for brake repair, including a new, copper-free version of the TRW Electric Blue brake pads, which is specially designed for electric vehicles.
In addition, ZF says two new products show that significant progress can be made “through meticulous development and leveraging the ZF OE power:” the new design of brake hoses, and the low abutment clip with active spring return.

Improved TRW Electric Blue brake pad
The brakes of battery electric vehicles place special demands on brake pads – they must operate as quietly as possible, generate little abrasion and should still have full friction performance even after a long period of non-use.
ZF says these requirements have been met by the TRW Electric Blue brake pad, which is specially designed for electric vehicles, since its debut in 2018.
Now, TRW brake experts have further improved its performance with revisions and new properties, including, for example, dispensing with copper in the pad compound.
Although the copper content has been limited for many years by the specifications dictated by ECE-R90 regulations, ZF Aftermarket has now succeeded in completely dispensing with the heavy metal.
Furthermore, TRW brake pads consist of an average of 13 percent recycled materials and are free of organic solvents.
Together with the further reduction in abrasion – the first generation of Electric Blue already produced 45 percent less brake dust than conventional friction pads – the optimised TRW products significantly reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment. 
In addition, ZF uses only electricity obtained from wind and solar energy in the production process at its plant in Spain where the TRW Electric Blue brake pads are produced, which reduces CO2 emissions by 14,600 tonnes per year. 
Furthermore, over the next six months, as part of the Electric Blue relaunch, all polythene bags used in the packaging will be replaced by organic bags, saving more than nine tonnes of plastic per year. 
But ZF says it is not only in terms of environmental protection that the brake experts have further developed the Electric Blue product range with its NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) behaviour, ie. driving comfort, also improving. 
Over 50 versions of the TRW Electric Blue brake pads are available in Australia and New Zealand for many current electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, with the new generation of the product recognised by its new design.

New TRW brake hoses that are easier to install
In another innovation update, ZF Aftermarket has also completely redeveloped its range of TRW brake hoses. 
An improved elastomer has made it possible to reduce the outer diameter from 10.2 to 9.0 millimetres.
This has reduced the weight of the brake hose by up to 15 percent, has made it 13 percent more elastic, and as a result, it is easier to install. 
The hose material with its middle layer of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM) is more resistant to brake fluid and high temperatures, thus improving the safety and durability of the components. 
In addition, the more stable construction results in a smaller increase in volume under pressure.
This gives the driver a faster brake response and thus a shorter braking distance. The pedal feel is also more precise.
To make it easier for workshops to order, use and fit the new components, from now on ZF Aftermarket will use the same part numbers as for the respective predecessor components. 
All mounting parts and seals also remain unchanged. 
And finally, in line with ZF’s greener thinking, the packaging has been changed to now consist of 60 percent recycled material; thus avoiding the use of 4.9 tonnes of plastic per year.

Small part, big effect: the new TRW low abutment clip
Under the TRW brand, a product already in production for original equipment will be added to the ZF Aftermarket portfolio from the second half of this year: the low abutment clip with active spring return. 
This is a specially shaped spring that clips between the brake caliper and the brake pad.
Such clips are used to primarily ensure the correct positioning of the pad, but the TRW product innovation also supports the roll-back function of the brake piston, ensuring that the brake pad doesn’t rest against the disc while driving. 
This avoids unnecessary abrasion and reduces fine dust emissions and fuel consumption.
At the same time, this increases the proportion of kinetic energy that can be recovered in electric cars through recuperation.
And last but not least, the lack of continuous friction between the brake pad and the disc also prevents noise. 
“Environmental protection and innovation are deeply anchored in the DNA of ZF Aftermarket,” ZF Aftermarket head of the Passenger Car Aftermarket Business Line, Markus Wittig, said.
“Our current portfolio expansions show how we consistently implement these two corporate goals in product development.
“This is particularly important for brake products, as this area will also be one of the key sales drivers for our customers in the age of electromobility. 
“With the products of the TRW brand, we completely cover the European vehicle fleet and are also at the forefront of technical progress.”
The local TRW brake program, available from ZF in Oceania, includes:
• brake pads
• discs
• master and wheel cylinders
• boosters and calipers
• brake hoses
• brake fluid
• brake grease
• brake cleaner
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For further information on the TRW braking range, visit www.trwbraking.com.au