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Alemlube says it understands the need to be innovative when it comes to workshop equipment and states it is always looking for ways to maximise the benefit to its clients.
It says the Ravaglioli Premium Truck and Car Wheel Aligner is an advanced wheel aligner utilising leading European software technology, together with local assembly and sourced computer and accessories making for a “bullet proof “and reliable Car/truck wheel aligner which is “the first of its kind.”
The Ravaglioli Premium Car and Truck Wheel Aligner is supplied complete with the master control unit, 24” LCD display, keyboard, mouse, battery charger, printer, and six measuring heads, as well as both car and truck wheel clamps, a pair of each car and truck turntables, a brake pedal depressor, and steering wheel holder.
Alemlube explains that Bluetooth transmission between the measuring heads and the control unit ensures reliable and accurate information, every time.
The data management and display program systems operate within the Windows 10 environment and contain in excess of 90,000 vehicle data sheets.
The customer database can record and store individual jobs and can be searched by customer name or vehicle rego for future reference.

Options available include:
• STDA29L – Extra set of commercial turntables for twin steer trucks
• STDA92 – Special three point truck clamps to avoid runout
• STDA49N – Adapter for trailer alignment
• STDA55 – Quick locking arms for STDA30E clamps

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