Bosch Car Service says it offers great opportunities for independent workshops

Darren and Cathy Shaw own and operate the extremely busy Bosch Car Service in the bayside area of Bentleigh in Melbourne’s South East.
Bosch Car Service – Bentleigh Automotive Services opened its doors in 2013 as a second workshop for the pair, as they originally owned the successful Bosch Car Service – Malvern Automotive Services, before selling that workshop to new owners in 2019.
For Darren and Cathy there was no hesitation in partnering once again with Bosch for their second store and this year marks ten successful years as a Bosch Car Service workshop at their current location.
“I think Bosch are pretty good. They have taught us a lot over the years,” Darren said.
“We receive business guidance through their online Bosch Service Excellence program (including OHS, marketing and finance courses), access to parts and technical information, and our technicians regularly brush up on their skills through the Bosch Automotive Technical Training.
“Bosch also keeps us on track and moving forward into the future with their quality audits and tests, which are conducted each year.”

The husband and wife team who have three children and “duty of care” for four technicians, like to take pride in every aspect of their busy lives to ensure they are doing their best for all, including their customers.
It was a realisation, many years ago, that they couldn’t do everything on their own and by being already exposed to Bosch through their auto electrics beginnings, they knew that if they wanted to diversify and expand their business, Bosch was the partner that could assist them with their future goals.
The ongoing partnership between Bosch and Bosch Car Service – Bentleigh Automotive Services has worked very well over time, with Cathy now representing the Victorian workshops as the Bosch Car Service council member.
Speaking with Cathy about their journey so far in the automotive industry, Cathy remembers the times when there were moments of feeling quite isolated when they weren’t associated with Bosch.
“There was no one to bounce ideas off when we were on our own,” Cathy said.
“Once we became part of the Bosch Car Service network, we came across hundreds of like-minded people with the same interests as us.
“It is always great to catch up at the networking events and we always return to the workshop with new and innovative ideas to implement into the business.
“Continuous change is necessary to keep afloat in this industry.”

With no two days ever being the same in any workshop, from cars that are decades old with hundreds of kilometres on their odometer, to the most recent modern vehicles now trending on the roads (Hybrid and EV), the range of knowledge needed today is vast and partnering with the right partner is more important than ever before.
“Working in the automotive service and repair industry is like a big brain tease every day,” Darren said.
“You never know what type of puzzles you will come across and need to solve to ensure that you fix your customer’s vehicle issues.
“This keeps me on my toes and without the support of Bosch and their training, the boys (technicians) and I would not be able to perform at the highest level, which is what it takes these days to survive.
“I see more customers seeking second opinions and starting to move away from dealerships, and being part of the Bosch Car Service network has allowed us to be associated with the Bosch brand that is recognised and trusted by everyone.
“They choose us and trust us with their cars!”
Bosch says that many premium independent workshops that have taken on the Bosch Car Service brand have seen steady progress as they take advantage of Bosch’s extensive experience and know-how when it comes to vehicle technology.
Bosch states that with great opportunities for all independent workshops to consider, joining the Bosch Car Service network will rethink the way you do your business.
Business, partner, workshop and marketing support, as well as the global brand recognition of a world-leading and trusted company is what the Bosch Car Service concept is known for all over the world, says Bosch.
Bosch invites you to consider the thought of partnering with them, saying “you too could look forward to a bright future!”

To learn more about joining the Bosch Car Service network of premium independent workshops, click here.