Opportunities exist to join the Bosch Car Service network now

Bosch Car Service explains it is a global network of premium independent workshops, working in partnership with the recognised and trusted Bosch brand.
The Bosch Car Service concept provides great opportunities for workshops wanting to boost their performance, sales, and marketing. As part of the concept, independent workshops benefit from technician and business training, marketing support, and being connected to a global quality brand.
If this sounds appealing to your business, Bosch invites you to express your interest as quickly as possible. Bosch will be expanding the network considerably in 2023 which means there are more opportunities to join the network, than ever before.

A century of service
Following the opening of the very first Bosch Service workshop in 1921 in Hamburg, Germany, the century old network has more than 15,000 workshops across the globe and has been around since the 1960s in Australia. In fact, you can still find workshops that have been part of the network for decades, even 40-plus years. Bosch says this is a testament to the ongoing support Bosch provides for them.
Bosch says belonging to the Bosch Car Service network can help independent workshops in the following ways:
• Business Support: Bosch Car Service offers comprehensive support in all key business areas, including individual consulting on business processes and special guides which aim to improve workshop quality and customer loyalty.
• Training: Bosch Car Service offers extensive training opportunities, with a wide range of topics including certified training on hybrid and electric vehicles and numerous business excellence training courses that will contribute to moving your business to the next level.
• Marketing Support: to ensure maximum exposure for its members, the Bosch Car Service concept provides a wealth of marketing support material which can be used within the workshop environment.
• Technical Expertise: as a member, you are provided with access to a wide range of technical support and expertise.
• Partnerships and Loyalty Program: one of the key benefits of belonging to the Bosch Car Service network is the access to greater network buying power with multiple product and service suppliers. Purchases from participating partners translate into rewards points via the Bosch eXtra loyalty rewards program, exclusive to Bosch Car Service members.
• Network Nationwide Warranty Program: Bosch Car Service customers drive away with peace of mind knowing that the network’s Nationwide Warranty will protect them for 12 months – wherever their road trips may take them.
• Brand Leverage: by partnering with Bosch, you will be entitled to leverage off the Bosch Car Service brand, whilst continuing to use your own business identity (trading name).

Frank Spiteri has operated Bosch Car Service Milperra in NSW since 2013.
“Our appearance has dramatically altered the basic public perception of us in a very positive way,” Frank said.
“I think people look at the Bosch logo and automatically relate it to a trusted brand. Add in the Bosch Service Excellence business training and Bosch technical training, that I and my team have completed throughout the years, it has certainly tidied up all the rough edges.
“It has also taught us to be more professional and better business managers. Today, I can leave my workshop for extended periods of time to enjoy travelling around the world. I know my team are very capable of running the workshop in my absence.
“Being part of Bosch Car Service network has helped us progress to the top workshop in our area, so much so that we have other workshops in Sydney sending cars to us to diagnose and repair – not many workshops can brag about something like that!”

For more information, visit or email and a Bosch Workshop Area Manager will be in touch.