New high-performance shock absorber for utes developed by BILSTEIN in Australia, made in Germany

The secret of a good suspension lies in the fact that the characteristics are optimally set to the vehicle and the expected operating and environmental conditions.
The experts at Bilstein, a globally well-known supplier of OEM premium suspension technology and the spare part market, invest a lot of time and test miles in the development of its suspension components.
Nevertheless, a shock absorber that needs to perform all over the world is always a compromise.
To offer drivers in Australia maximum control, reliable handling characteristics and optimum comfort even on long distances, off-road and with heavy loads, Bilstein says it has developed its B6 high-performance shock absorber for the Ford Ranger T6.1 series on-site at Bilstein Service Centre “Sydney Shocks.”

It says the result is a high-performance shock absorber customised for Australia with the following features:
• Unequalled shock absorption: a solid monotube design made of high-tensile steels, allowing an increased piston area and thus providing much higher damping forces. This is crucial for heavy loads or a dynamic manner of driving to improve driving safety and to avoid roll and pitch.
• Off-road ability: shock absorbers are sensitive to heat. The more and faster the spring deflects on unpaved roads, off-road or with a heavy load, the more heat is conducted into the damper oil due to the movement of the shock absorber piston – until it foams and becomes ineffective. The Bilstein gas pressure technology ensures foam-free oil even when driving for hours. For continuous damping effect and perfect grip – even in Australia’s climate.
• Extra spring travel: the Bilstein B6 4600 is designed to fit on the Ranger’s standard suspension without changing the springs and can even handle lifting by two-inch. The damper impresses with good comfort and improved safety also with an elevated gravity centre.
• Quality: Bilstein manufactures the Australian version of the B6 4600 in German OE factories to OE standards using OE materials – for best reliability and long service life.
Bilstein says the Bilstein B6 4600 combines the best of both worlds – German quality and Australian expertise – to offer the optimum suspension upgrade for the Ford Ranger down under.
Bilstein says this performance has also convinced Ford, with the manufacturer delivering the Special Edition Ranger Wildtrak with the Bilstein high-performance dampers as original equipment.

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Photo: Copyright Bilstein 2024.