Making life easy with one innovative product to get the job done

Many 4×4 owners are aware of the benefits of fitting both a catch can and fuel water separator, more often as soon as they purchase their vehicle.
In-fact, research undertaken by Ryco discovered that a number of OE engines produced excessive crankcase vapours from the factory and benefit immediately with the install of a crankcase filter assembly.
Ryco says its team have spent significant time with 4×4 enthusiasts to determine their needs and wants – compared to what was currently available.
Generally, the options on the market have been “universal” solutions, that require custom fitment – a challenge for the DIYer and an expensive exercise from an automotive workshop.
With its 4WD Filtration Kits, Ryco says it has made it possible to purchase one package, under one part number, purpose designed to fit the specific engine bay – meeting not just enthusiasts needs, but workshops tasked with installing the solution.
Plus, in the case of installation and routine maintenance, the kits have been designed not only to offer an OE like fit using engine bay specific mounting hardware and moulded emission hoses, but also provide adequate tool clearance for the job at hand.
The specialised mounting hardware and vehicle specific fitting components are combined with Ryco’s RCC351 advanced crankcase filter assembly which prevents crankcase gases from contaminating engine air intake components, by separating the liquid oil and impurities from any blow by gasses before they are recycled back into the intake system, keeping it clean and operating efficiently.

The high efficiency filter presents a low restriction to the engine PCV system – which Ryco says is an absolute must to retain the integrity of the crankcase emission control system.
A key feature to the RCC351 crankcase ventilation system also eliminates the opportunity for contaminants to clog the intake system causing a loss of engine power.
The unit has been designed to incorporate a storage sump large enough to hold enough captured contaminants to allow vehicle owners to complete a regular engine service interval without the need for draining.
The upgrade is complemented by Ryco’s improved Z980K16 fuel water separator which is particularly important for today’s common rail diesel vehicles that typically have a high-pressure pump installed between the low pressure or delivery pump and the fuel injectors.
These components benefit with this increased level of protection to avoid blockage or abrasions damaging performance.
Ryco says the result is a one-stop preventive maintenance solution, incorporating an OE-like fit, a crankcase filter assembly with the largest catch can sump on the market, quick release brackets for servicing, moulded emission hoses, plus the upgraded fuel water separator with quick connect fuel fittings for easy installation.

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