The brand says it is leading the way in this area

ClutchPro is the standard replacement passenger and commercial offering within Australian Clutch Services (ACS) and includes a comprehensive range of OE quality clutch kits, flywheels, hydraulics and accessories.
Incorporating the latest in clutch technology to meet the demands of modern vehicles, ACS says the ClutchPro brand is dedicated to the support of workshops looking to enhance their service offering.
Recently added to the ClutchPro range is a variety of dual mass flywheels to suit both dual-clutch transmissions (DCT) and continuously variable transmissions (CVT).
Although not part of the “traditional” manual vehicle market, ACS says this expansion into specialised DCT and CVT components is critical to supporting distributors and workshops around the country.
Examples of the new flywheels include replacements for 2008-2012 Audi A4 models and the 2013 on 1.2L Renault Megane/Clio.
“With manufacturers constantly developing new and innovative ways of improving vehicle efficiency and also reducing noise, vibration and harshness in the cabin, it is critical for the aftermarket to support workshops around the country looking for more specialised components such as these flywheels,” ACS General Manager, Simon Acton, said.
“The introduction of these flywheels along with the technical support and tools for both testing and installation of specialised components such as these is something we are always looking to perfect for our customers.”
ACS explains that its ClutchPro range also incorporates critical tools to suit these specialised components to support workshops looking to take on these jobs.
“We also offer DCT clutch removal and installation tools for hire with the purchase of our DCT clutch kits through our distributor network,” Simon said.
“With these tools being both valuable and vehicle specific, this service is perfect for workshops looking to start working on these vehicle applications.”
ACS says the ClutchPro range also sets a high standard for dual mass flywheels to fit traditional manual vehicles as well as specialised single mass flywheel conversions for popular vehicle applications where this alternate is demanded.
“We offer everything here at ACS, from standard replacement dual mass flywheels through to high performance motorsport and 4×4 upgrades. Our focus on accessories, hydraulics and tools is just a part of our total clutch solution for workshops across Australia and around the world,” Simon said.

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