Penrite says it has a product for most applications

Penrite Oil is an Australian owned and operated lubricant manufacturer which explains why it is well known for its wide range of high-quality products including Automatic Transmission Fluids, Gear Oils, Power Steering Fluids, and Brake and Suspension fluids.

Automatic Transmission Fluids
Penrite produces 10 different types of automatic transmission fluids covering conventional step type automatic transmissions, CVTs (Continuously Variable Transmissions) and DCTs (Dual Clutch Transmissions).
Penrite’s newest automatic transmission fluid product release, ATF BMV, is suitable for many of the latest release transmission types, including vehicles with ZF six, eight and nine speed transmissions and in Mercedes Benz vehicles where MB 236.17 is specified.
If an earlier specification is needed, Penrite ATF LV is a full synthetic automatic transmission fluid that meets the requirements of Ford Mercon-LV and GM Dexron-VI as well as many other manufacturers’ performance levels.
It is an advanced formula designed for optimum performance, outstanding high temperature resistance and it provides 2.5 times the smooth shift durability over the life of the fluid compared to the industry standard anti shudder test.

Gear Oils
Penrite manufactures a variety of mineral, semi and full synthetic gear oils for manual gearboxes, transfer cases and differentials.
For supreme gear oils, Penrite says you should look no further than the Penrite Pro Gear range. The range is comprised of full synthetic products covering many viscosities and includes both GL-4 and GL-5 products to suit most applications.
Competition proven, Penrite says the Pro Gear range provides “the ultimate in performance and protection.”
Penrite Premium Mineral Gear Oils are made using non-aggressive extreme pressure additives, making them safe to use in transmissions with yellow or white metals in them.
They are API GL-5 grade oils that feature the correct dosage of limited slip differential additive, making them suitable for both Hypoid and LSD differentials, which reduces the amount of inventory workshops need to hold.

Power Steering and Suspension Fluids
Penrite has Power Steering and Suspension Fluids to suit most makes and models.
Penrite Power Steering Fluid is designed for use in power steering units that specify conventional type automatic transmission fluids (ATFs) ie. DEXRON II and III fluids.
It is a premium multipurpose power steering fluid that meets Ford M2C934-C/D specifications for use in Ford EF-FG series Falcons and SX/SY Territories, replacing the need for a separate product.
Penrite Power Steering Fluid contains anti-shudder additives for long and smooth service life and features “Stop Leak” technology to prevent seal failure and leaking. This product is not just ‘another ATF in a bottle,’ says Penrite.
Penrite PAS is a semi synthetic fluid and contains a special anti-shudder (noise and chatter) additive. It is designed for use in Australian, European, US and Korean power steering and suspension systems.
It also meets the requirements of Land Rover PAS 14315 for use in the power steering and active cornering enhancement system (ACE) of Land Rover vehicles such as the Discovery and Defender.
PAS Fluid can be used where Dexron VI is recommended in Holden Commodore / Calais / Caprice and HSV VE series vehicles, in Chrysler and General Motors, and in ZF power steering units.

Brake Fluids
Penrite says it has the Brake Fluid for you, whether you are servicing on-road or competition vehicles.
Penrite explains that its DOT 3, Super DOT 4, Racing Brake Fluid and Silicone DOT 5 Brake fluids cover nearly all brake and clutch applications.
Penrite DOT 5.1 Fluid brake fluid is perfect for use in vehicles with ABS, AEB and ESP systems. It has a very high boiling point that provides exceptional stopping power, and its high wet boiling point ensures the stopping power lasts for the life of the fluid.
Whatever fluid you need, Penrite says it has product solutions to suit most vehicles and applications.
Further, it explains that its products are manufactured here in Australia by an Australian family-owned company, to keep jobs here in Australia and support the Australian economy.

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