The brand offers an extensive range of heavy-duty upgrade clutch kits for 4×4

Australian Clutch Services (ACS) says its brand of heavy-duty clutch upgrades for 4×4, Xtreme Outback, has been at the forefront of performance clutch upgrade design for over two decades and is now a major supplier to both the domestic market as well as throughout Europe.
The brand offers an extensive range of heavy-duty upgrade clutch kits for 4×4 as well as a range of hydraulics and actuation accessories.
As a division of ACS, the Xtreme Outback range has been developed in-house and is built around a focus on performance and driveability.
Xtreme Outback says this focus on driveability and its attention to detail in clutch development is a major contributor to its success in the market.
“Our performance clutch upgrades are always developed with a view to provide the best performance possible whilst keeping pedal feel, noise and vibration as close as possible to factory levels,” ACS Senior Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said.
“When we analyse a new application, we review key factory clutch data such as bearing load, clamping force and materials.
“We then work to develop a performance clutch upgrade that offers improved clamping force whilst minimising changes to driveability.”
Stewart explains this increased focus on driver comfort is even more critical in today’s automotive market.
“As cars have continued to improve their driveability and reduce the NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) in the cabin, it is even more important for us to provide a performance solution that doesn’t just hit the torque figures that the market demands, but also provides this with the least changes to driveability and noise,” Stewart said.
“Luckily, as clutch technology continues to evolve, there are many ways that we can achieve this, and we are always going that extra step in our performance upgrades to produce the best results possible.
“For example, offering the best quality and highest dampening clutch disc for certain applications such as 70 series LandCruisers is critical to providing a solution that doesn’t increase transmission rollover noise.
“We analysed a number of different disc solutions when we developed our extra heavy-duty upgrades for this application and chose the disc that provided the best quality and noise characteristics.”
Alongside this focus on providing attention to detail in the clutch performance and characteristics, Xtreme Outback also focuses on developing the kit to provide critical complementary components.
“When we develop a complete kit, we are looking to provide all of the critical components that the installer may need,” Stewart said.
“We always include a new release bearing, spigot bearing and alignment tool where required and then we offer a range of different kit options to incorporate components such as flywheel, concentric slave cylinder etc as required per vehicle.
“By analysing each application to ensure we have all of the critical components covered, we are helping to reduce time that the vehicle may need to be off the road and also improving efficiency for the workshop whilst ensuring components that are commonly known to fail are replaced at the same time as the clutch kit.”

For more information, please visit or call ACS on 1800 CLUTCH.