MEYLE says these components are in a class of their own

Perfectly functioning brakes are essential for the safety of all road users. As a safety-relevant component and one of the most frequently replaced wear parts, brakes play a particularly important role in the vehicle.
This makes the optimum composition of materials, accuracy of fit and response behavior from the very first brake application even more important.
With more than 25 years of experience as a manufacturer in the independent aftermarket and with about 4,000 items on offer in the brake sector, the Hamburg-based spare parts manufacturer MEYLE says it knows exactly what is required of brake components.
MEYLE is specialised on brake discs and pads and this is why out of the total portfolio, MEYLE offers 3,000 brake discs and pads with an EU coverage of 95 percent.

The MEYLE product portfolio: brake technology for highest demands
MEYLE brake components are available in two product lines: MEYLE ORIGINAL and MEYLE PD.
The brake discs and pads in MEYLE PD and MEYLE ORIGINAL quality are perfectly matched to each other and ensure maximum braking power as well as excellent response and pedal feel.
In all MEYLE product lines MEYLE engineers are in close contact with MEYLE’s own production facilities and partners and control specifications, requirements, and processes to ensure the highest possible quality and safety.
MEYLE says MEYLE ORIGINAL stands for safety and comfort through quality-tested, robust, durable spare parts.
With its in-house MEYLE PD product line, MEYLE says it offers performance-oriented spare parts and advanced brake parts for a safe and sporty driving experience.
In doing so, the manufacturer says it goes one step further, stating that it “thinks brake components further and makes them better.”
MEYLE PD brake discs and brake pads are characterised above all by optimum braking performance, durability, noise comfort and ease of installation, says MEYLE.
A modern coating technology provides particularly long-lasting protection against corrosion. To ensure resistance to “warping” and thus avoid vibrations, different alloys are used, such as an increased carbon content (high carbon). This is particularly advantageous for sensitive or highly stressed brake systems, says MEYLE.
MEYLE explains that the improved properties of MEYLE PD brake pads lead to increased performance.
With an extremely stable coefficient of friction, they are said to be low-noise and have a particularly short braking time.
Further, their individual friction compound ensures maximum braking power and less brake dust.
The ECE-certified pads are free of copper and heavy metals and therefore already meet the requirements of worldwide regulations that reduce or completely prohibit the residual copper, heavy metal and asbestos in brake components.

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