For Isuzu N and F Series Trucks from Ryco

On the road, drivers are exposed to air pollution daily – in fact professional drivers can receive up to six-times the particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other air pollution compared to regular commuters.
Fine particles are highly hazardous to health, and they find their way into the cabin through the Heating, Cooling and Ventilation (HVAC) system, normally guarded by a cabin air filter.
These filters deliver safer breathing conditions for vehicle occupants, keeping the cabin clean and protecting against harmful exhaust gasses, noxious odours, dust, and pollen containments that can develop into mould and bacteria.
Ryco says its MicroShield Cabin Air Filter (RCA428M) is a world first and industry leading product, designed and developed with the advanced skillsets of local engineering.
It says the product showcases not only the ability to innovate and create a filtration product, but a health focused solution, which will improve the lives of thousands of professional drivers, previously exposed to road pollution daily.
The filter can be easily fitted to Isuzu N and F series trucks by untrained operators and integrates seamlessly into the ventilation system (HVAC) providing full airflow and a service interval that matches the other standard service filters.

To fit the vehicles whilst using the existing bolt profile connection points and ensuring a highly accurate surface seal (to eliminate filter bypass), 3D scanning, and CAD modelling technology was utilised when designing the prototype models for both N and F series trucks.
3D printing enabled a rapid prototype series to be produced and Ryco’s own MicroShield media fitted. Ryco says special care was taken to design a housing that not only provided the required seal and air flow characteristics, but also took advantage of existing fasteners for ease of fitment on both models.
Ryco’s engineering team developed the RCA428M using the MicroShield N99 flame retardant media. The media integrates an anti-viral and bacterial pre-filter to eliminate biological agents, an activated carbon barrier to remove chemicals and odours and an electrostatically charged nano-fibre filter to capture fine particles.
The MicroShield N99 filter element features a genuine 0.3-micron filtration capability proven with lab testing. These filters combine an order of magnitude improvement in filtration while meeting serviceability requirements and customer demand.

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