From Vibrant Performance

Vibrant Performance says it is proud to introduce its all-new Piston-Style Check Valve, featuring a one-way flow piston (spring) operated check valve that it says provides a 100 percent leak free seal in both low- and high-pressure applications.
Featuring what Vibrant Performance says is an “industry first” “Dual Seal” design, the all-new Piston-Style Check Valve is said to prevent back flow of Fluid, Air and Vapor, with minimal pressure and flow loss while in the open position.
It explains that this works to maintain sealing throughout high duty cycles.
The all-new Piston-Style Check Valve is compatible with Fuel, Oil, Coolant, Vacuum and Vapor systems, and is ideal for street cars, high performance cars, industrial and non-hydraulic applications.
Vibrant Performance says this small but mighty Check Valve can be easily adapted inline with-AN Flare Hose Ends or Adapters and can withstand operating temperatures of 400°F(205°C), while featuring an opening pressure of <1psi and an operating pressure of 300psi.
It says its “industry first Dual Seal design” features an O-Ring captured within a flare and provides a 100 percent leak back seal with the O-Ring at low pressures and a high-pressure seal is provided by the flare-to-flare mate.
The piston and flare seal is designed to minimise flow and pressure loss through the valve, with less than one psid for -10 to-16 sizes, and 1.2psid for -6 and-8 sizes at 170 LPH.

Key features and benefits:
• Flow direction is indicated on the body
• Easy to disassemble if servicing is required
• 100 percent leak free back flow
• Below one psid opening pressure
• Little to no modification is required to replace existing-AN inline check valves
• Minimal flow loss through the valve

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