A new range of LiteFlex Couplings have been added to the Vibrant Performance range

Vibrant Performance explains that its new LiteFlex Exhaust Couplings provide “the same great flex that users have come to know and love, with less mesh, resulting in flexible and durable Flex Couplings.”
Since its beginnings in 1985, Vibrant has reportedly supplied more than 30 million flexible exhaust couplings to the OEM automotive market, as well as many other industries.
The company says that its decades of experience have taught it that every application requires its own type of flex, stating that it is proud to offer five different styles of flex to suit a wide range of applications.
The new LiteFlex Exhaust Couplings are the newest addition to this line-up, with Vibrant Performance stating they have been “long-awaited.”

Flexible and reliable
The new Vibrant Performance LiteFlex Exhaust Couplings feature an internal Stainless Steel Interlock Liner to facilitate smooth exhaust flow.
The Interlock Liner also protects the bellows corrugations from elevated exhaust temperatures, all while allowing the degree of flexibility required in high performance applications.

Product usage and compatibility
Popular with high performance European car applications, Vibrant Performance says these Flex Couplings are ideal for any exhaust application.
The LiteFlex features a lightweight outer wire mesh that limits bellows expansion, yet still displays the convolutions of the bellow structure inside, all while providing protection from road debris.
For forced induction post-turbo applications, a LiteFlex Exhaust Coupling with an internal Stainless Steel interlock liner is the best choice, as these are designed to mitigate high frequency, low amplitude vibrations and to be robust enough to handle the extreme temperatures in high performance forced induction applications.
The LiteFlex couplings are available in a variety of sizes including 2”, 2.25”, 2.5” and 3” ID and 4” or 6” overall length. They are in stock in Australia now.

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