New from Vibrant Performance

Vibrant Performance says its newly extended lineup of Pre-Assembled and Hydraulically Crimped PTFE hose assemblies are the quick and easy solution for fuel, oil, coolant, and other fluid plumbing needs.
Further, it says they are the quick, easy, and cost-effective solution for customers in need of specific hose configurations.
Vibrant Preassembled Crimp PTFE Hoses are compatible with all automotive fluids and are capable of operating at high temperatures and pressures.
The Hoses are compatible with all common fuels, including gasoline, diesel, E85, methanol, ethanol, and race fuels.
In addition, Vibrant Performance says the hoses are ideal for Automotive Plumbing Applications on many vehicles, including fuel, coolant, water, vacuum service, transmission, clutch, and power steering.
Vibrant Performance says these Pre-Assembled Crimp PTFE Hoses are the right solution for customers in all ranges of mechanical skill level, as the assembly process has been eliminated.
It states the Pre-Assembled Crimp PTFE Hoses also eliminate the need for fabricators to purchase their own hydraulic crimping machine, saving users time and money, while providing peace of mind and a quality leak free connection.
All Preassembled Crimp PTFE Hoses feature a PTFE internal core and are hydraulically crimped and pressure tested to ensure a leak free connection, says Vibrant Performance.
The lineup of Pre-Assembled Crimp PTFE Hoses are available in a variety of lengths, with different fitting options.
-3AN and -4AN are available in 24”, 36”, and 48” lengths, with a straight/straight hose end configuration. They are also available in 36” lengths with straight/45° and straight/90° hose end options.
The new lineup of -6AN, -8AN, and -10AN hoses are available in 12”, 18”, 24”, and 36” lengths, with straight/straight, straight/45°, and straight/90° hose end options.
Vibrant Performance says its hoses pair well with its extensive range of adapter fittings to customise hoses for specific applications.

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