From Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer’s Spindle Inner Bearing / Bush Greasing Tool, or ‘Spindle Greasing Tool’ for short allows greasing of Toyota spindle bushes, without needing to remove the spindle or wheel hub.
Terrain Tamer explains that it is not uncommon for the inner spindle / CV driveshaft bearing / bush to fail prematurely, due to being starved of lubricant, as it cannot be greased without the spindle being removed.
The Spindle Greasing Tool has been designed as a solution to this problem.
After removing the drive flange, free wheel hub and bearing adjustment lock nut, the tool fits on the threaded end of the spindle.
Grease is then pumped between the spindle and the drive shaft.
A rod inserted in the steering knuckle filler plug hole will show the grease level.
Terrain Tamer says molybdenum grease is recommended for this application.
Compatible with all Toyota threaded spindles, Terrain Tamer says the bearings’ longevity is greatly extended when using the Terrain Tamer Spindle Greasing Tool.
Terrain Tamer says the rigorous research, development and testing that all of its parts go through before they can bear the Terrain Tamer stamp ensures “every part is at least equal to original equipment and often far exceeding the standard.”

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